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Welcome to the Solaris Board!


    Solaris is set in an original universe using the FreeSpace Open engine to create a fast-paced, challenging and engaging space combat game.


    This is combat in the FSO engine taken to another level.

    Face down brutal and dynamic AI enemies who weave and dodge incoming fire and have the same goals as you, the player: Stay alive and bring the other guy down first.

    Lead assaults against heavily armoured capital ships armed with relentless point defense cannons and powerful anti-ship missiles.

    Use the right tools for the right job. Utilise various craft at your disposal - each one specialised for different roles. Fighters are the hunters of enemy strike craft, agile and deadly. Interceptors cannot be beaten for raw speed and have the firepower to back up their boast. Strikers are well armoured, armed with heavy cannons for strikes against capital ship subsystems.

    Solaris embraces the concept of player movement equals player power. You are piloting an agile war machine with the ability to drift and strafe around incoming fire and obstacles. Use every dimension to your advantage, but beware: your enemies have just as much mobility as you do.

  • ART

    Solaris is an audio-visual feast with fleets of detailed warships with their own factional visual motifs, powerful explosions and sounds of wrenching metal as living, breathing ships get reduced to hulks of scrap.

    This is backed up by a pumping soundtrack to make even the most routine manoeuvres feel profound.

    War has never looked or sounded so visceral.


    Solaris wouldn't be a reality without contributions from the Hard-Light Productions community.

    Come join the community in the HLP discord #solaris to brag about getting that bonus objective in Elite difficulty, or tell us about a show stopping bug in real-time!

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