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French translation for The Titan Rebellion has just been released and added to the list  :)

Fall of Epsilon Pegasi has been translated and is now available on Knossos.
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Re: French translations
Diaspora is now fully translated in French (from v1.1.4). This time the translation is directly integrated in the original mod.

Re: French translations
The Battle of Neptune translation is now available on Knossos!


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Re: French translations
Great work mate!

Re: French translations
Thank you very much  :)

Re: French translations
The Destiny of Peace is now translated and available on Knossos.

Many thanks! I'm not out of motivation yet, so there sould be more translations coming in the following months.

The translation of Solaris is now available on Knossos.

The French translation of Walls Closing has just been released on Knossos.

Let's start this year with a new translation, for Sync this time. And most importantly, this translation is the first made by Bencor, the new translator of the French team! Well done for your work Bencor, and thank you for joining me in this endeavor!

Sol: A History Reborn has now a French translation released on Knossos!


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Wonderful! :)
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And now Shepherds joins the list of the mods translated into French language. As usual it's available on Knossos.


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Thank you  :)

After almost one year, a new translation is ready, this time for Blue Planet: Chanticleer!