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Babylon 5 Christmas Album
For those who love Christmas Music, and Babylon 5, and wish there was a combination of the two, well WISH NO MORE!

For the low price of 50 Credits, you too can own this piece of Christmas/Sci-Fi Mashup.

Who can forget that Minbari War classic "I Saw Three Warships Come Jumping-In"

We also have a recording from the late President Clarke singing, "Rockin' Around The Christmas Treason"

For this year's album we recovered a rare performance by Ambassador Kosh Naranek singing "I Have Always Been Here for Christmas"

Also, at the insistence from the Drazi Ambassador, we have included "It'll Be a Green or Purple Christmas" (AKA, "Brawling Around The Christmas Tree")

Also included are, "Oh Little Station of Babylon 5", and "Vorlons We Have Heard on High"

To top it off is the best-selling single, the Duet performed by Ambassadors Londo Mollari and G'Kar, "All I Want for Christmas is Spoo"

Our operators are standing by!  Don't miss out on this deal!  If another galactic war breaks out, these recordings might be lost, so get your copy today and save it for posterity.
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Re: Babylon 5 Christmas Album
If you call in the next 8 hours, we'll throw in a rare bootleg recording of Ambassador G'kar serenading Ambassador Molari with a touching and intimate rendition of, "Little Fishes." This offer only available for a limited time (until the death threats force us to take it down). Act now!!
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