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Some of us knows this. This very situatuon when all activity in the project you put tons of effort and whole heart into... Just slowly fades away.

With Inferno being barely active from a long time, we decided with Rampage to release fruits of renaissance of this project to the public, considering it's uncertain future. All hipoly, shiny, fancy with PBR maps and ready for usage by potential modmakers of this community in their projects.

As the topic name suggests, it's just a start. I have milions of polygons, and hundreds mbs of textures. This river will flow. For long it will...


So I want to start with one of my most beloved children. The slayer of shivan destroyers, allmighty...

GTD Boreas

The second half of the Admiralty's next-generation destroyer initiative. After a furiously competitive bidding period, Triton Dynamics won the Boreas contract with its unusual spaceframe design. Drawing inspiration from Shivan tactics and ship designs displayed during the Second Incursion, the Boreas is optimized for shockjump strikes to devastate enemy warships and then rapidly redeploy to other engagements. The centerpiece of these tactics is the Boreas' forward weapons array. Mounting a South Wind super-heavy beam cannon and a pair of Grave Maul destroyer-grade beams, the Boreas is capable of defeating multiple destroyers or heavy carriers in a single engagement with its forward array alone. Next-generation navigational equipment and a fast-charging subspace drive allow the Boreas to quickly plot and execute precision jumps, carrying it from one engagement to the next. Even on the flanks, the Boreas mounts plasma accelerator cannons, anti-warship torpedoes, and slashing beam arrays, allowing no safe vector for an enemy warship's approach.

Modern active armor gives the Boreas the greatest durability of any Terran destroyer, and the ship is studded with flak guns and Palladion anti-fighter beams to repel enemy fighters and bombers. However, though the Boreas does possess a fighterbay, she only carries a handful of fighter wings, as most of the hull's internal volume is dedicated to the massive amounts of supplies needed to keep a destroyer of the Boreas' caliber in the field without an oversized logistical tail. As a result, crew quarters aboard a Boreas are smaller and less comfortable than most destroyers, or even than the Phobos corvette. The Boreas operates as a tactical heavy hitter, focused on winning individual engagements, ceding control of the strategic situation to platforms with greater strikecraft capability, such as the Phaeton, with which the Boreas is commonly deployed, or the Warlock supercarrier.

Description being a courtesy of Rhymes.

I love this thing. One of my favorite fanmade designs and loyal companion in my long modding journey. It was there when I played INFR1 as youngster, it was slaying Nightmares for me in Shadow Genesis, it was supposed to appear in further acts of Exile and history finally made a circle and Boreas returned home, to lay waste upon EA ranks again in Inferno Nostos.

So it was a honour and pleasure to breathe new life into it. Released version has green lights instead of blue, and shares turret texture with current MVP Deimos. Textures have been upgraded and optimised for this release.

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This one is going into my Nostos folder, and my INF-R1 folder!  She's a real beauty.
The Trivial Psychic Strikes Again!


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Thanks a lot! Probably gonna use it!
"You'll see. It'll be better than last time. "
"I hope so. I died."

Thx for this great looking beast :yes:

looking and curious for the next release


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Oh smashing that download button!

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