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Nyctaeus, this is a question fairly similar to the recent thread on Inferno:  Nostos' future that you participated in.

I know the odds are probably slim at this point, but is there any chance we could see Exile 2/3 at some point in this future?

Also, if at some point you decide future campaigns definitely won't happen, could you at least do a big plot dump so we could know what would have happened in the story?


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No plans to continue the campaign so far, especially considering the fact that I'm occupied by irl atm. If I find a moment for FS stuff, I work on third installment of Series Resurrecta.

I'd like to make Exile 2 one day. The script for The Schism exist and it's in quite good shape. Exile 2 cannot come to existence mostly due to lack of fredding power. I'm mostly modeller, modpack maintainer and storywriter so I naturally synergise with people with fredding skills... Which are absent atm.

Big update to ItDW will happen sooner or later, as it's being worked on behind the scenes. Can't promise anything more.
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