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Change log: (chronologically ordered)
Big Features
Hidden Text: SEXP Containers • Show
As opposed to a SEXP variable, which stores only one value, a SEXP container stores a collection of values.
Consequently, containers allow for handling data in much more sophisticated ways than variables.
Containers come in two types:
  • List container - an ordered sequence of values, sort of a cross between Python lists and deques
  • Map container - pairs of keys associated with data, like Lua tables or Python dictionaries
Further details in the SEXP Containers wiki page
Hidden Text: LuaAI • Show

LuaAI allows scripters to add a new AI Goal (like ai-chase) that will run script instead of internal logic.
Adding a Lua AI section in a -sexp.tbm and a few functions to a corresponding -sct.tbm to define the AI logic in certain conditions.
More documentation on these functions is available in the LuaAISEXP-Object of the Scripting Docs.

Hidden Text: Show
  • $AI ignores aspect lock for leading: Flag, which lets AI continue to lead their target while performing an Aspect Lock

Hidden Text: Show
  • pause on reverse Flag

Hidden Text: Show
  • Handle international keyboard layouts
  • Re-Add -joy-info command line flag, for slightly quicker Joystick GUID retrieval
  • Add -controlconfig_tbl command line flag to print out a template controlconfigdefaults.tbl

Hidden Text: Show
  • Support the full number of nebula poofs using a multi-select list
  • Add the ability to edit nebula fog colors, since that previously was not part of the FRED UI
  • Flags same-arrival-warp-when-docked and same-departure-warp-when-docked to allow docked ships to still use custom warp parameters
  • Allow highlighting custom-colored events by drawing a border on them
  • Can now rotate objects relative to other objects in the Object Editor
  • Dialog to calculate relative distance and orientation between ships
  • Flag "Point using uvec" to point ships while incorporating the ship's uvec
  • ai-attackable-if-no-collide flag, which prevents turrets from ignoring a target with no_collide

Hidden Text: Show
  • Reinforcements Dialog
  • Implemented Replace Data for Number and String
  • Texture Replacement Dialog
  • TBL Viewer in the Ship Editor

Hidden Text: Show
  • Allow particles to use a random chance for spawning through the +Chance parameter
  • Command-line parameter -fov_cockpit which allows setting an FoV for the cockpit model separately from the viewport FoV. This allows using custom FoVs without distorting the cockpit
  • Allow user to export environment map to a PNG from the F3 Lab by pressing M
  • Weapon lights: Configurable lighting data for weapons, both on a per-weapon basis and globally via lighting profiles
  • Implemented debug sphere queuing and rendering

Hidden Text: Show
  • Make strings for Match Speed Indicator, Glide Indicator, and Afterburner Indicator translateable

Hidden Text: Show
  • game_settings.tbl setting $Supernova hits at zero:, which causes Supernovae to hit when the timer gets to 0, instead of the default of hitting 5 seconds before the time is up
  • game_settings.tbl settings $Show-subtitle uses pixels: and $Show-subtitle base resolution:, which can be used in conjunction to scale subtitles
  • game_settings.tbl setting $Always warn player about unbound keys used in Directives Gauge:, to show such warning to players when needed (without it these warnings only apply to Training Missions)
  • Ship flags fail-sound-locked-primary and fail-sound-locked-secondary to allow the firing fail sound to play if the player tries to fire weapons that are locked
  • Subsystem Flag "hide turret from loadout stats"
  • Allow weapon to override turret name with $Turret Name:

Hidden Text: Show
  • Save PXO stats to local pilot file

Hidden Text: Show
  • Preload subspace tunnel if the mission-set-subspace SEXP is used in the mission

Hidden Text: Show
  • cancel-future-waves, for stopping wings that still had waves queued from spawning
  • Added optional flag to show-subtitle-text and show-subtitle-image to not change the subtitle aspect ratio
  • set-nav-color and set-nav-visited-color, which allows setting custom colors to Navpoints in a mission

Hidden Text: Show
  • Support for decals (see decaldefinition in the Scripting documentation)
  • Missile list iterator: mn.getMissileList()
  • Campaign Start hook: On Campaign Begin
  • Player Loaded hook: On Player Loaded
  • Added a few functions to get information on HUD gauges (check HudGauge in the Scripting documentation)
  • Function ship.checkVisibility which checks if a ship can appear on the viewer's radar
  • Function hu.flashTargetBox which causes the target box to flash
  • Function hu.getTargetDistance to return the distance to target as reported by the HUD
  • Function mn.hasLineOfSight which checks if one point has line of sight to the other
  • Function mn.getLineOfSightFirstIntersect which checks for line of sight and returns the distance of the first interruption if not
  • Variable gr.CurrentResizeMode, which can get or set the scaling mode to be used by the gr.* drawing methods
  • Function gr.draw3dLine, which draws a line in space between two points
  • Allow SCPUI to run $On Briefing Stage: hooks
  • New bindings to allow proper hooking into control actions based on the control's enumeration name
  • Allow scripted controls to override hardcoded functionality
  • Fennel script support
  • Lua BitOp 1.0.2 extension library, allowing the usage of bit operations

Hidden Text: Show
  • Class encapsulation for Volition's linked list
  • Improve a debug console message to be more informative
  • Type-safe TIMESTAMP class
  • Add timestamp_since() function
  • Add methods to compare timestamps, calculate deltas from an existing timestamp and a number of milliseconds, and to calculate deltas between timestamps
  • Create a command line option for logging data packets
  • Add more information to Multi-related debug logging
  • Enable Doxygen for QTFred
  • Set up Mac builds on CI, allowing builds to be published automatically for Mac
  • Add some logging to waitAsync

Hidden Text: Show
  • Only display one popup when the player gets to the main hall
  • Allow an unlimited number of ship flags to be parsed at once

Hidden Text: Show
  • Improve Player Orders to allow for a nearly unlimited number of player orders, as opposed to the 32 before
  • Update ai_turn_towards_vector to use a target velocity for banking

Hidden Text: Show
  • Allow unlimited soundtracks and spooled music (Previously limited to 30 and 50 respectively)
  • Allow unlimited sound effects
  • Dynamically set the maximum number of audio channels based on how many the user's system can support

Hidden Text: Show
  • CTRL+V is now add-paste (used to be CTRL+P)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+V is now overwrite-paste (used to be CTRL+V)
  • Replace Always_show_goals with Toggle_showing_goals which toggles whether the goals are shown, and works in any mission (instead of only Training Missions)
  • No longer disable icon dropdowns for models that have their own icons
  • No longer change the ship class when the icon type is a special popup
  • Make the number of player orders FRED can handle dynamic
  • Restore original Error Checking behavior where the function would exit after one check (for consistency)
  • Exclude player ships from Error Checking for ships in a wing sharing the same orders
  • Split "No subsystems found" and "Not all subsystems have a record in ships.tbl" warnings into two different warning flags

Hidden Text: Show
  • Improved light attenuation to look more real
  • Increase POF vertex limit, allowing up to 2^32 - 1 vertices to be used by a single subobject

Hidden Text: Show
  • Delay ai_new_maybe_reposition_attack_subsys to only run once a second. Before this change, it could take around 13% of runtime in crowded missions
  • Cached subsystem indexing, speeding up subsystem lookups, which run for multiple ships, multiple times per frame

Hidden Text: Show
  • Enhance help text for Lua SEXPs
  • Converted the following Lua Hooks to the new format to add documentation: On Death, On Game Init, On Ship Collision

Hidden Text: Show
  • Turn insertion_sort into a templated function that uses assignment
  • CMake: Update PREBUILT_VERSION_NAME to latest (mac libs)
  • Optimized space used in the new POF version
  • Cleanup model code
  • Cleanup beam light functions by consolidating some duplicated code and removing unreachable logic
  • Cleanup wing wave code
  • Move special parsing functions into new parsehi.cpp and parsehi.h files
  • Actually clear delayed SSM parsing data when it's no longer needed
  • Allow C++ to interact more with LuaTables, allowing it to extract userdata like objects or ships from them
  • Use SCP_string for constructing multi/event log lines
  • Replace +Orders Accepted: Bitfield with flag list
  • Handle deprecated command line flags programmatically, avoiding lots of code duplication
  • Set up debug_filter.cfg to have default filters that can be turned off

Hidden Text: Show
  • Remove the Allow Daisy-Chained Docking mission flag
  • Remove "Delete Item" from the right-click menu in the Event Editor

Hidden Text: Show
  • Remove light filtering data which didn't work and increased code complexity
  • Remove a pointless assert that checked if SEXP_NODE_INCREMENT (a define, set at 250) was greater than zero

Hidden Text: Show
  • Missing whitespace in credits
  • Stopped destroyed submodels from showing in Techroom
  • Prevent a crash when an object dies in the same frame as their goal
  • Always record primary bank ammo capacity during ship creation, preventing situations where a ballistic weapon would accidentally be set to zero ammo
  • Properly remove ships from the Techroom when they're not in the Tech Database
  • Load the correct Techroom data after a Tech Database Reset
  • Don't tick Supernova timer while the game is paused
  • Make set-camera-facing use default identity orientation when the $Use host orientation flag is active and no host is present
  • When a hotkey text replacement string refers to an unbound control, use the name of the binding instead of "none"
  • Fix usage of default tech database flags
  • Prevent a crash in the loadout screen with a weapons-locked ship
  • Fix two crashes in the F3 lab
  • End the campaign properly when a mission is skipped, preventing crashing in some situations
  • Prevent a crash when a message is sent from an invalid source
  • Prevent a broken campaign state if the player quits the game from the options menu during the debriefing
  • Add some checks before converting a message to Command
  • Prevent accidentally skipping cutscenes caused by hitting the spacebar during a loading screen
  • Fixed an issue where ships would start with the wrong hull values in Red Alert missions

Hidden Text: Show
  • Fix turret swarm weapons by removing a few checks that are no longer valid
  • Fix a few issues with maneuvers

Hidden Text: Show
  • Fix broken turret animations in the Techroom

Hidden Text: Show
  • Fix cockpit engine sound volume changing unexpectedly
  • Fix a timing bug that would sometimes prevent music from being initialized when re-playing a mission
  • Check all possible extensions for audio files

Hidden Text: Show
  • Flush the mouse state after toggling between Use_mouse_to_fly states, preventing situations where a stale mouse state would be used
  • Fix a conflict between Free Look View controls and directional thrust controls

Hidden Text: Show
  • Prevent Ship Select Dialog from crashing if there are too many IFFs
  • Support saving nebula fog colors
  • Properly save nav-carry-status flag
  • Don't treat a bare <argument> as an error
  • Prevent adding duplicated variables and display an error to the user when they try
  • Clean up some parse problems
  • Fix assignment of alt-name when using the hash
  • Guard against off-by-one errors in replace_one and replace_all
  • Improve error checking of campaign loop branches
  • Improve error reporting for bad SEXP nodes
  • Prevent a crash with paste/add-paste when the clipboard was empty
  • Prevent rounding/conversion issues that caused FRED to think an angle or position was modified when it wasn't
  • Skip absent ships or wings when running clear-goals, instead of stopping the whole operation

Hidden Text: Show
  • Disable Lightshafts while the Supernova glare effect is active. This partial fix ensures the glare shows up with the correct brightness
  • Update and correctly load environment maps in F3 Lab
  • Correctly set textures and Team Colors with change-ship-class
  • Fixes Team Colors not working with show-ship
  • Correct positioning and angles for background bitmaps and suns
  • Clean up ship arrival and departure effects
  • Fix clearing a skybox model when it isn't the mission default
  • Fix an assertion with Fireball LODs which would wrongly trigger if the number of LODs was the same as the maximum

Hidden Text: Show
  • Make HUD Target distance consistent
  • Fix a crash with scripted HUDs
  • Correctly update RTT Cockpit Gauges with change-ship-class
  • Ignore HUD brackets with a size of zero or less (instead of just crashing)
  • Squad menu wasn't scrolling properly with PageDown in some cases
  • Fix issues with loading of hud config presets
  • Fix parsing issues with HUD color presets
    • Continue parsing remaining gauges if one isn't found
    • Use translated strings both when saving and loading

  • Fix an issue where a target's orders would be displayed wrongly in the target box
  • Fix asteroid brackets disappearing or displaying wrong values

Hidden Text: Show
  • Delay processing $Player Weapon Precedence: until after parsing, avoiding ships starting with the wrong weapons in some situations
  • Make the $Player Weapon Precedence: list actually give precedence
  • Empty +Orders Accepted List: entries were causing the ship to accept the default orders, instead of no orders as would be correct
  • Show a Warning if a turret submodel is not an immediate child of the base object and handle it as a single-part object to prevent a crash

Hidden Text: Show
  • Limit client collisions to prevent bugs, such as flinging players with high pings who collided multiple times between packet updates
  • Fix multiple timestamp issues
    • Multi messaging and multi pause screen
    • Make sure maintenance stuff (pings, voice, file xfer, etc.) isn't affected by pausing or time compression
    • Sync issues caused by options menu and screenshots

  • Prevent an error with long messages in PXO Chat by using proper buffer size
  • Fix some issues with Multiplayer SEXPs
    • Try to handle incompatible sexp packets better
    • Fix operator name issue with debug messages
    • Enable the new show-subtitle-text options

  • Improve interpolation, fixing the jerkiness that used to occur when the interpolation code basically guessed the timing on when packets were coming in
  • Fix rollback primary collisions, vastly improving accuracy on moving targets even at high pings
  • Fix the standalone ship being added to ship list
  • Stop non-printable keys adding text to multi message buffer
  • Prevent the standalone from crashing if a player tried to switch secondaries in a ship that doesn't have secondaries
  • Fix a standalone crash from disabled uniform buffer manager
  • Prevent a crash related to Observer-type players
  • Fix network issues on MacOS

Hidden Text: Show
  • Make hook conditions consistent and handle combinations that didn't work properly before
  • Fix maybePlayCutscene arguments
  • Add isActive checks for new-style script hooks
  • Sync the two VIRTVARs for Orientation in subsystems and submodel instances, which behaved in different ways
  • Fixed a few timing and framerate related issues for playing movies via script
  • Ensure the Lua interpreter has enough space in its stack, and allow reserving more space if necessary
  • Fixed an memory leak in the Lua interpreter caused by string-eval sexps, which never cleaned up the generated code

Hidden Text: Show
  • Avoid setting .rest for Locked_sexp_true/false with malformed SEXPs
  • Fix some memory management problems in the for-* operators, avoiding a memory leak
  • Fix crash when removing form-on-wing order with remove-goal
  • Fix show-subtitle SEXP which was missing the width argument
  • Reset volumes changed via adjust-audio-volume when the mission closes
  • Prevent too many dynamic SEXPs from breaking the SEXP system

Hidden Text: Show
  • Check if index is valid before accessing Weapon_info, preventing CTDs under certain conditions
  • When weapon_create was called while MAX_WEAPONS was reached, the previous algorithm didn't achieve desired results, and simply locked up the game. Instead, we now simply won't allow a new weapon to be created in such condition
  • Refactored Supernova code and fixed some state transition issues in it
  • Prevent crashes in the event of a subsystem mismatch during change_ship_type
  • Change include order to fix compilation of unit tests on Mac
  • Patch freeing of SEXP nodes, preventing a crash in certain conditions
  • Fix a memory leak in model code
  • Fix a crash in the Ship Creation code if a ship's name was exactly the maximum allowed length
  • Removed vestigial bit-depth asserts for aabitmaps, preventing crashes with certain image types
  • Prevent a crash when Escort Priority was parsed for a ship not present in the Escort List
  • Fix a bunch of graphics functions to respect GR_STUB, preventing problems in standalone server
  • Clean up line endings in several files (replaced CRLF with LF basically everywhere)
  • Fixed a timestamp issue which helps lay the groundwork to add In-Game Joining to multiplayer
  • Prevent pilot and campaign files from having invalid values, by clamping them within the expected ranges when saving and loading
    • Also warn the player if such an invalid value was detected, telling them which setting had the wrong value and what it was reset to
    • Try to avoid assertions by preventing invalid types from being handled by obj_team()

  • Shut down the SEXP system before the Scripting system, otherwise a crash could happen if the SEXP system held references to Lua

None introduced in this release

Deprecations are a mechanism in FSO where a certain feature or aspect of the engine has changed or is no longer supported. Since this would normally break existing mods we have the mod table feature "$Target Version:" with which a mod can specify what version of FSO it was developed with. The features listed above will be removed or changed when the target version of a mod is at least the version released in this post.

Previous 22.0 Release Thread

Launchers, if you don't have one already:
All platforms: For every day use, we recommend Knossos, an integrated solution for downloading and launching mods.

Hidden Text: Alternative Launchers • Show
Cross-platform: wxLauncher 0.12.x Test Build (ongoing project for a unified launcher, you should upgrade to the latest RC/test build if you have not yet)
Important: For best compatibility with FSO 3.8 and later you should use at least wxLauncher 0.12.

Windows:  Launcher 5.5g (Mirror) (Mirror) Not compatible with Windows 8+, use wxLauncher above
OS X:  Soulstorm's OS X Launcher 3.0
Linux:  YAL or by hand or whatever you can figure out.

Windows (32/64-bit)
Compiled using GitHub Actions on Windows Server 2019 (10.0.17763), Visual Studio Enterprise 2019


This one is based on the SSE2 Optimizations from the MSVC Compiler.

Hidden Text: Alternative builds • Show

64-bit AVX:
This one is based on the AVX Optimizations from the MSVC Compiler (fastest build if your CPU supports AVX instructions).

32-bit AVX:
This one is based on the AVX Optimizations from the MSVC Compiler.

What are those SSE, SSE2 and AVX builds I keep seeing everywhere?
Your answer is in this topic.
Don't want to deal with that? Use Knossos and it will download the best build specifically for your PC!

Linux 64-bit
Compiled with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit, GCC 5

These builds use a mechanism called AppImage which should allow these builds to run on most Linux distributions. However, we recommend that you compile your own builds which will result in less issues.
Alternatively, if there is a package in your software repository then you should use that. If you are the maintainer of such a package for a distribution then let us know and we will include that here.

Not available We recently lost access to our Mac CI environment which we usually used for compiling these builds so for the time being, there will be no builds for this OS.

Hidden Text: TrackIR Users • Show
An external DLL is required for FSO to use TrackIR functions.  The following DLL is simply unpacked in to your main FreeSpace2 root dir.
TrackIR is only supported on Windows.
TrackIR SCP DLL (Mirror) (Mirror)

Known issues:
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