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[RELEASE] PBR Aurora [with NTF variant]
So I have a little bit more FS time recently. I upgraded some assets for SR, and now I've got a reminder that somebody helped. And this somebody also requested some things so... Shipyards pay their debts.

This somebody wanted me to make NTF reskin for the venerable GTF Aurora, but her maps are so damn old... If I remember correctly, original Aldo's maps after some upgrades are still being used. I can't work on them without source files. So I decided to repaint this thing anew in PBR, and make NTF variant from reworked CoW skin.


Special thanks for Colt and Grizzly for screenshots.

She's original Blowfish's mesh underneath. She has new UVs so also new LODs and debris. Comes in 2 variants - standard CoW/BP skin and NTF one. Both available in high res.

Note: New skins will not work with old mesh [currently used in BP]. They will work only on the one from this release. Also the altered .pof shares all pof data with the version used in BP, so can be replaced without any issues.

Have fun.
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Re: [RELEASE] PBR Aurora [with NTF variant]
Your work never fails to amaze :)

Re: [RELEASE] PBR Aurora [with NTF variant]
This ended up in the BP dev build a couple of minutes after your post on discord yesterday, we're really happy with it!

I'm also enjoying the NTF variant, it's a pretty cool colour scheme.

Re: [RELEASE] PBR Aurora [with NTF variant]
did a bit of glowpoint adjustments for BP:

to get that on your end, add this to your glowpoints.tbl:
Code: [Select]
#Glowpoint overrides

$Name: red_glow_aurora
$Off time: 0
$Texture: none
$Light radius multiplier: 7.5
$Light color: 255,49,49

$Name: red_glow_aurora_2
$Off time: 0
$Texture: none
$Light radius multiplier: 5.0
$Light color: 255,49,49

$Name: blue_glow_aurora_tiny; for the missiles
$Off time: 0
$Texture: none
$Light radius multiplier: 1.0
$Light color: 70,70,255

$Name: blue_glow_aurora
$Off time: 0
$Texture: none
$Light radius multiplier: 5.0
$Light color: 70,70,255

and this to your ship.tbl entry:
Code: [Select]
$Glowpoint overrides: ( "red_glow_aurora:1" "red_glow_aurora_2:2" "blue_glow_aurora:3" "blue_glow_aurora_tiny:4" )
Idea being to remove the glowpoint textures themselves and ensuring they only cast light: The model's glow map already includes things that are obviously lights, so this just gives them illumination without the visible points.


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Re: [RELEASE] PBR Aurora [with NTF variant]
My god.   That gold one, it's a sexual tyrannosaurus.
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Re: [RELEASE] PBR Aurora [with NTF variant]
Beautiful work!