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Community Ban Imposed - SerialMascot
Hello HLP,

When we last updated the community standards we committed to more transparency about moderation decisions, particular when severe consequences are imposed.

The moderation team, with admin support, has unanimously and regrettably concluded that a permanent ban of the user "SerialMascot" has become necessary. We do not take this decision lightly.

For the last several months, moderators have responded to numerous reports and complaints, and proactively addressed this user's behaviour, predominantly on the community discord. Issues ranged from actively insulting community member's contributions, including other people's projects, to publicly denouncing community projects and spreading inaccurate information about their use, to repeatedly and aggressively challenging any discussion of his behaviour that was problematic. Although this was a drain on moderation, it was being managed.  More recently, it was brought to our attention that his mod was distributing retail assets - by way of repackaging the GoG version - through sectorgame. The moderation team quickly contacted sectorgame admins and SM to have the offending material removed. SerialMascot also received a direct forum PM from the admin/moderator group in response on the forums.

Most recently, the user began to advertise his mod as the "FreeSpace Upgrade," marketing it and himself as the lead developer of several initiatives which have been community projects and posting as such on reddit. That post has been removed.  As any regular user will be aware, the FSU has been a longstanding part of HLP with a number of prominent contributors and is still very much active. The user also registered a GMail address and changed his private discord name to associate with the FreeSpace Upgrade name. When confronted on reddit, the response was that names are hard.

Frankly, choosing a name that does not incorrectly appropriate the hard work of a dedicated community for many years is NOT hard.

While this community takes an open collaborative approach to modding, welcoming all levels of experience and talent, we also share a belief in appropriately crediting others for their contributions and working together out of love for this old but fantastic game. That must be protected. Any user willing to put themselves before the open, collaborative nature of this place will no longer be welcome here. After receiving large amounts of support from HLP members and repeated and increasingly firm requests to change his behaviour, SerialMascot continued to demonstrate he believed he did not need to respect this community nor abide by its rules. Accordingly, he is no longer welcome here.

REMINDER: Redistribution of the retail game or assets is strictly prohibited by law and in general, much less in association with any Community Projects or projects affiliated in any way with the site, Discord, or adjacent sites/services.
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Re: Community Ban Imposed - SerialMascot
Unacceptable behaviour and appropriate action.

I hope the disassociation is publicised on his frequent hangouts.
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