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In The Cabin Mod Release Thread
I have been playing FSO for some time now and one thing that I have always wanted is to "sit in the cockpit of these ships". I got tired of waiting for somebody somewhere to do model it and figured I would just be that person. I never planned on sharing this mod, but after many many months I figured I'd share what I have put together so far with the community and capture thoughts and criticisms to make this mod better and better.

The quick:
My goal is to give every flyable ship custom interiors and have them feel as modern and beautiful as possible to make the game feel more immersive. I also want the models to have low poly count to be as lightweight as possible.

What the mod does:
  • This mod replaces/will replace all ship POFs In the tech room, for missions, and for the cockpit.
  • The mod allows you to bind controls to all thrust directions and gliding for all flyable ships
  • This mod replaces ship textures with 4k upscaled ones that have touch ups (The textures are already slammingly beautiful just prettying up where necessary).

The status:
  • Currently I have only Terran fighters modeled, but I figured I would share now as an alpha and get some feedback to guide design direction.
  • Models are crude because I have just been testing what these cockpits look like inside these ships. I welcome any ideas.
  • Textures for these cockpits are simple/stock textures just to give them some depth until I feel the models are complete enough to warrant actual texture painting
  • Some ship models such as Herc2, Ares, and Myrmidon have some heavy modifications to increase visibility when looking around. (All ships will get the same treatment where necessary as this approaches a full release)
  • All ships have gliding and XYZ thrust enabled

The development Roadmap:
  • Crude cockpit models for terran bombers
  • crude cockpit models for vasudan fighters (Would it be fair to make one cockpit and implement into all ships? Isn't that technically the lore anyways as to how terrans fly vasudan ships? Or should I attempt making vasudan like cockpits? I also am trying to make my life easier here.)
  • crude cockpit models for vasudan bombers
  • Detailed cockpit models for terran fighters and bombers
  • Detailed texture map for terran cockpits
  • Detailed cockpit models for vasudan fighters and bombers
  • Detailed texture maps for vasudan cockpits
  • Same Treatment for FSPort
  • Same Treatment for Blue Planet Complete

I'm new to this modding community so let me know if this post needs to be updated for correctness or if the mod needs to be updated for compatibility.

Link to the mod:

Some preview pictures
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Re: In The Cabin Mod Release Thread
Oh these look pretty!


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Re: In The Cabin Mod Release Thread
Thanks! Hoping final designs feel more integrated.