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Thank you guys for being such committed maintainers of this project. For the ever-expanding modding possibilities, and for keeping FreeSpace technically modern.

I just went through some of the forum posts since 3.8.0 and I'm really grateful for the work this community continues to put into FSO year after year. FreeSpace was the thing that sucked me into long hours on the computer, and it was this community that introduced me to the concept of open source. That road taken 25 years ago has had a tremendous positive impact on my life.

Getting into the game is easier than ever before, and new campaigns are always coming out. It's because of the great people here that FreeSpace continues alongside the likes of Doom and Quake, and I'll always appreciate that.

Thank you.


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You're very welcome.  Posts like this are what make it worth it.


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The appreciation is appreciated! I've not been in this nearly so long as some, or as intensely, but thank you all the same.
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