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Voice acting casting call: Blue Planet Chanticleer
ANNOUNCEMENT: I am taking requests for voice actors from the community.  I have the main roles cast for Blue Planet: Chanticleer, but need voice actors to handle other roles.  Shoot me a DM if interested or email me at [email protected]

A: A UEF White Guardsman, gallantly challenging the player to a fighter duel, and unceremoniously getting shot down (female, 4 lines)
B: A GTVA marine commander (male, 4 lines)
C: A GTVA Special Operations Command pilot, an arrogant jerk, who gets shot down by UEF flak (male, 6 lines)

OTHER SHIPS (can be either gender)
D: GTA Seneca control (9 lines)
E: UEFg De Gaulle control (2 lines)
F: GTC Lone Wolf control (1 line)
G: GTC Malta control (1 line)
H: An SOC pilot who gives a warning before getting shot down (1 line)
I: UEF Churchill (1 line)
J: UEX Maitreya (1 line)
K: Neptune Station (1 line)