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Feature Request: moddable radar ranges
So with the feature freeze ending soon I'd like to make a feature request.
I've been informed that the cyclable radar ranges(2K, 10K, infinity) are currently hard-coded. I'd like to request that they become moddable through a HUD table flag or mission settings, with more than 3 ranges if possible.
This would be useful for mods that use speeds and ranges different from standard Freespace ones and it would help with certain types of missions like stealth where the detection range is greater or about equal to 2000m as setting your radar range to just over detection range would help know when a fighter is getting too close without having to target them.

The default 10K setting is also too close to infinity with standard Freespace speeds which can make the radar crowded with units you don't care about while 2K is a bit too short to monitor relevant battlespace.
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