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So, you've played FreeSpace, a FreeSpace modification, or a different game hosted here at HLP and intend to share your feelings and thoughts? Maybe you've got a few questions, or you ran into a bug?

Well, you're in luck! There are hundreds of friendly people here at HLP who are eager to help you with any technical trouble you encounter or chat with you about the FreeSpace series or the mods.

Also, since everything here is made by community members who dedicate countless hours of their free time into developing high-quality content for free, feedback is highly welcome!

high-quality content for free

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The easiest way to become part of the HLP community is to register an account on the forums. This can be done here. If you run into any issues (sometimes we accidentally hit a real person while fighting off hordes of spambots), please ask for help on our IRC or Discord channels.