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Blue one looks awesome. Good thing I asked Flaming_Sword to make the Lucifer blue ^^

And he doesn't use the 3.6.10 mediavps, so doesn't have the HTL Ravana. So currently, it get's in conflict with the HTL one...

Red ones are best though. We're most used to see Shivans in their natural colour. But you got to admit though, green looks good too and some change in a while is good. Unless the weapons and thrusters are red with the green glow-maps...

Huh? BengalTiger is using the same mod as Flaming_Sword?  :wtf:

Oh wait, he just hue/sturation'ed the whole image (I can see that the LOD Text is pink not blue)

I still like the red ones best, then the green.

Dang details...
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As you wish.

Now to make a campaign where the shivans attack Vasuda Prime using the Ghey Cannon (they stole it from the US army b.t.w.)
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I managed to resolve some of the issues, so...


Various colours:

And a special one for TrashMan: :P

Ships are pretty much done, haven't started on weapons (someone else might want to do those, actually). My process also allows for custom colours, so feel free to make requests. :D


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Yes ! White ! Now I've seen everything, and just what I wanted ! Thanks.


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Can we get a midway between minty blue and royal / navy blue?

That would be preferable to my eye :D

Give me the exact colour (preferably in HSV). Otherwise you'll have to rely on me trying to guess.

EDIT: Examples here:

But only for FS1 stuff, I mean the FS2 ones just won't work. They'll look like another insect species assimilated by the Borg. (if they were light blue, they'd be assimilated by the Mobius :shaking:)

In all seriousness, I consider doeing Blue shivans...

To shiv_pl:

I've got complete ship colour packs for the 7 colours I posted ready to go. You planning on doing any weapon effects? If so, I can send you the green pack to play with first. Otherwise I might stick a 7z up on and call my part done.


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Looks like the Shivans know how to throw a Disco too ;)


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Axem will probably use hem for JAD5 Shivan disco boogy......


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please remind me who the mobius are?


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Oh Parlbleu!

I want to know if these colors are really needed...
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please remind me who the mobius are?
We are the Mobius. Quote our colored posts and pray!


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yes, O fear inspiring one! :P


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Axem will probably use hem for JAD5 Shivan disco boogy......
He'd better.

please remind me who the mobius are?
We are the Mobius. Quote our colored posts and pray!
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cyan, yellow and white look awsome! :cool:

Ok, I should have something up on in 10-12 hours.


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Awesome :P Rainbow Lucifer pack.


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I vote for blue Shvians!
Blue Shvians would look wicked sick.
The yellow one's really ravey looking.