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Re: Official new people thread!
Hello everyone! Greetings from Serbia!

I've read somewhere on this forum 'and you've been stalking the forum for a quite while now' and I thought 'Yeah, I did, for quite some time I should at least join now'.

So here I am, just another guy who played both FSs waaaaay back that got implemented in my brain, like, forever.   :D

I had tons of problems with the game + mods, they wouldn't work at all or something would be missing, crashes, etc, etc, and all of that came to an end like 2 days ago when I bought the game from GoG and installed Knossos and everything works pretty well without a single error. So good.

I just want to express my gratitude towards everyone here on the forum, to the people who made mods for FS, and to the game developers themselves.

It's almost 20 years since when this game was released and I love it more than ever. Got the original music extracted out for the casual listening when chilling :D

So, cheers to you all folks!

ps: sorry for my bad English


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Re: Official new people thread!

Glad to have you on board!  And your English is better than a lot of Americans' English. ;)


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Re: Official new people thread!
Hello everyone, another Freespace fan of old here just joining.

Looking forward to playing again, but could use a bit of info here. I still have my original 5-disc copy of the game, can I use that to get things up and running or would I need to buy one of the new versions from GoG or Steam? I've been looking to figure out how I would go about this but can't seem to pin down any concrete details. I don't have any problems with double dipping on a game like this, but if there is something out there I can use to get the needed files onto the computer from my physical copy, that'd be great.


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Re: Official new people thread!
First off,


If your old disc copy of Freespace 2 can install on your current machine, you should still be good to go. Then, grab Knossos (the new launcher--it's basically steam for Freespace mods) and you should be good to go.
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