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So it's been a long time in the waiting.

As the gameplay designer of the mod, I found I had, now that I look back at it, made the odd decision to make the game PVP balanced. Even the silly Twin Claw (basically our version of the Anubis) had its own advantages since it had the highest cruising speed and strongest autoaim of all ships. One of the things I'm proud of in this mod is that flying each fighter feels very distinct and how the Veslan fighters were very drifty while the Terran ones were more snappy, but more fragile.

We were using a fair amount of placeholder models for ships (as well as HUD assets). Most of them were replaced by the time the project died, but a few of them still remain. Sadly never got to see a finished Ganymede, Carvelus, or Ganeluza because of a hard drive crash Quanto had before he finished them.  :(

Nor did we ever have any real finished missions. Really, it's what killed it for us. No missions, no momentum to keep going.  Though, SAFSO's spirit kinda merged into Dimensional Eclipse.

Download. Not that anyone would have a use for them. They're way too distinct and colorful for FreeSpace. Though frankly I still think Artmic did the best ship designs ever as the ships from Stellar Assault SS. Especially the Hyperion, which comes from Stellar Assault SS. Artmic didn't have anything to do with that game funny enough.

I mean look at that. So hot.
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May ye drift into mod valhalla good sirs.
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Sorry to hear that development of this ended. You guys were cooking up some beautiful things with this project; my compliments for the design of many of its ships like the Feathers and the Hyperion. I also found myself enjoying some of the action the few missions in the assetdump offers. The feel of the available fighters and the pace of combat is refreshing.

My respects where they are due.
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An unfortunate event, but also long overdue. SAFSO has been dead for years. I was very excited for this mod, even signed up for development. I don't remember if I ever got the Diaspora-style landings to work properly, but some models are set up for that. What is currently there is really fun, at least. I hope someone finds a good use for the models.


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That's what I need for my Shattered Stars project and others.
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