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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
Haha, that's awesome dude. :lol:
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
ROFL!!!  That rocks, i love it!
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Todd - "She's got X-Ray vision."
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
muahahaha......priceless :yes:
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
This is the most hilarious thing I've seen in a great long while.  I loved it :lol:.
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
I really think you unfairly portrayed Adam.


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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
This seriously needs to be turned into a Flash movie.

With better writing.
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
To some extent I agree with Zylon.  The first joke (Exactly. . . HEY!) had me rolling, but the rest didn't really do much for me.  Either a longer bit (more jokes) or more banter between the contestants would help.

Still very funny though.  I like the idea.
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
Maybe Adam was stupid because he's an AI.
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]


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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
That was great LOL :lol:
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
the jeopardy sound effects would make things rock

...ships that block out the sun... hehe
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
Heh now we just need a Freespace: Wheel of Fortune or Freespace who wants to be a Millionare   :drevil:



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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
or survivor:freespace


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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
Originally posted by silverwolf
or survivor:freespace

Welcome to 14th day of Freespace: Survivor. Last time our mentally and physically useless crew tried to create a working subatomic fission fusion particle menace device using just rotten bananas and two lumps of meat. Today, they try to protect the useless Terran capital ships from attacks of this week's surprise element... The HOL!

However, let's see what Cyntherea, or "Beta 2" as you may know her round here, said in the Box of Useless Highscool-class Confessions.

"I think those Shivans in their Maras are really not team players. I mean, me and Raa tried everything we could to get the Super Special Yellow Breakfast Plate of Semi-Victory, but they would just spin around and tell dirty jokes all day. Gosh, I'm sooooo tired of that Carl's totally insane screeching. I really think I am voting him in the next vote.
However, I think Adam is really, really sexy. I, I mean, I really don't want to talk about this." *giggles*
lol wtf


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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
Very, very funny, Axem... funniest thing I've seen here since the "Carl in a sand box" thread
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this is an old thread...who CARES!?
Lol funny. Poor Adam....HEADZ!
I'm new here, I haven't seen  Carl around yet. I'll be sure to carry a lot of lunch with me to give him. Does he like cookies?
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Re: this is an old thread...who CARES!?
Originally posted by Marauder
Lol funny. Poor Adam....HEADZ!
I'm new here, I haven't seen  Carl around yet. I'll be sure to carry a lot of lunch with me to give him. Does he like cookies?

Welcome to HLP!

Exits are to the rear and left. Don't try to use them. Under you seat you'll find some crisped cookies and dog earned dungeon porn magazines left by Shrike, and a flamethrower - right now we're out of napalm, so you'll have to blungeon people to death.

If for whatsoever reason you find yourself crawling through the ductwork you have a more than average chance to meet a Shivan. Easy to spot with the five legs and all. If you're lucky it's just Carl who responds well to food offers. Give him your lunch and back away slowly. If not at least you'll die quickly.

In case of emergency plasma rifles are availible in the weapon locker which can be opened by God, :V:, an admin or a Superinteligent shade of the color blue. Beware the pilot's locker is protected by subspatial claymore mines.

Enjoy your stay!
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
What's this doing back up?

Oh, I see.

Commense plasma core insertion.  Gunnery control, target Marauder and open fire!

Welcome to Hard Light Productions.  Exits are to your sides and rear, but don't bother trying to get out that way.  Besides the fact that they are permanently locked, the corridors outside are guarded by automated sentry guns that have an annoying tendency to misread IFF transponders as hostiles.  Under your seat you will find a flame thrower for emergency use (though you'll have to use it as a club for the time being; we're all out of ammunition for the flamethrowers themselves).  In the event of a total catastrophy, Armagedden, or the 23 of each month, there are pulse rifles and heavy weapons secured in the lockers up front, but only the Admins can open them.  If you run in to a Shivan in the air ducts, quickly and quietly set down your lunch and back away.  Hopefully it's just Carl; he's usually satisfied by those.  If you're not so lucky, remember that it is always better to get killed outright by a Shivan's plasma beam than to be maimed by it, so don't try to escape.  The only other things to watch out for are the faulty grav plates in Hanger Bay 5, references to The Plan™, debating politics, and posting in old threads.

We hope you enjoy your stay!
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]
This would have to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen :lol: :lol: :lol: