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I'm starting work on a campaign based around the unification of Earth to form the GTA. I'm looking to base it around the start of intersteller travel, so does anyone know any good figher models that look suitably archaic?:confused:
Also has anyone written an history for this time period which i may need to include?


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I'd say join the T-V War project, they're doing the Unification War right now.
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Originally posted by GalacticEmperor
I'd say join the T-V War project, they're doing the Unification War right now.

And as a member of the T-V War project, I say use the mod, and write your own version of events.  The fact is that anything prior to the 14 Year War is a complete and utter mystery, undefined by Volition.  You can tell it anyway you want, creating and molding the pre-GTA to your heart's desire.

I would suggest digging out your history book (world history) and start looking for GTA like groups and basing the pre-GTA on the events that led up to them.  My version of the U War (not actually being used, I think, sorry Goober, still haven't read it) was partially based on World War I.  Remember that history has a habit of repeating itself.  Have fun with it.
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Eishtmo, Goober5000 HAS based his stuff on everything you have put up.

Defconca, PM me about what you can do. We are already doing that, complete with new models, weapons, backgrounds and such. I think you might want to help us.

EDIT: I'm hinting at the storyline by saying this, but Defconca, you know surpsisingly much about the Unification War storyline. Great minds think alike? Or sabatage!!;) :D j/k


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Originally posted by diamondgeezer
Link the First

Link the Second

Happy reading :)

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I'd say do your own spin on things - it'll make for yet another campaign for the community and could be fun to make. :nod:

:nervous:  What? :nervous:
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Originally posted by vyper
I'd say do your own spin on things - it'll make for yet another campaign for the community and could be fun to make. :nod:

:nervous:  What? :nervous:

I say quality over quantity. There's just not enough people for every project, and without experienced staff project has hard time to see daylight.

If one is interested in making his own mod, first action should be to look if there's already similar mod done or in the works. Then try to join up to that modding team and share your ideas.

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Haven't decided what i'm going to do yet, thats why i put the post up to see if i was stepping on anybodys toes (or toes like appendages) with this idea;) .
Mostly i was going to do the mod to try and practice more at everything (FREDding, modeling etc..) but if the TV war project need my help i'll be willing to offer what ever limited assistance i can... meanwhile my attempt to model a primative destroyer to defend (and assault) orbital mining stations continues... :)


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I wish I could model... :(

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So Defconca, what can you do? We'd be glad to take you on.


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Originally posted by diamondgeezer
Link the First


The campaign Idea lurking behind that thread sounds a lot like starlancer. In fact, I have a theory that Starlancer and FS could be in the same sci-fi universe, just FS is about 200 years after.

To be honest im only just begining to learn how to model properly, messing about with truspace 5, but the whole texturing thing sadly escapes me... Can FRED resonably well if TV war needs a hand with that, I'll make a link to the story of my omens campaign sometime soon (once i've ironed out the creases and found time to do it due to uni and work) i case anyone is actually interested..:)