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in real world i think battle ships could deliver supplise
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A supercharged Saphah-class frigate, converted to a tactical carrier by adding a fighterbay to the quarterdeck area. Then stick a wing each of Horus, Ares and Sekhmet inside, and a retractable ramscoop on the front. Sorted! ;)
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Either GTVD Revenant, or GTSD Aquitaine (from my story, 'Apocalypse Nigh', where the Aquitaine takes heavy battle damage and is refitted as a Morgul-class Superdestroyer... the first of its kind...)

Bear in mind that Revenant is mostly capable of annihilating a battlegroup of between 30 and 50 Sathanii singlehandedly, depending on tactical situation, and that the Morgul-class Superdestroyer has a pair of Sathanas Beams on its front end.
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The GTVA Super Dooper Pooper Scooper!!!!112222oneonetwo

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Only 4 Things needed:
The 'Alpha 1' marker on my fighter
A Murmidon with 2 Helios Torps (for the capships)
A support ship with unlimited ammo
ummmmm........... maybe Bosch Beer if you drink alcohol? (If not, Bosch Biscuits would do!)
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but i think after collossus GTVA knew that big ships is not savior

so next evolution would be smaller faster but still power full destroyers/frigates/corvettes/cruisers
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When in despair I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won; there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.- Mahatma Gandhi have to survive
Gah, if these superpowered ships were available, the GTVA wouldn't have been annihilated.

Frankly, given the scenario, I'd choose a Deimos class corvette modified to have a greater speed and jump recharge rate.  It's also to have several wings of fighters (no bombers, we're trying to survive and run), the most the corvette can carry and supply.  Most of the anti-capital ship beams except for one will be removed to make more room for material storage, processing and manufacturing so that it would be possible to replenish parts.  And add the ramscoop for gas-mining if possible.

Battle tactic.  Fighters provide a screen while the corvette hightails it out and then the fighters jump out.

Additional technology.  The inverse of the subspace tracker.  If an enemy capital is detected to be making a jump at nearly the same time, we check their subspace "frequency" and make sure to last minute change ours so that they don't jump us in subspace.  The fighter screen can take out bombers so that's not a problem.


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I'd have an Orion (GTD Intrepid) find as many parts/peices/hulks i could find and start making modifications to my orion.  i'd place another runway on the otherside, more firepower capable of defending itself from a Ravana. with 3 surviving fenris's, 2 leviathens, 1 diemos, and a hecate we would try to survive and wait for others.
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I'd still ride an ultra-fast corvette.

It would be a dance on the edge of the razor, but IMHO only a ship that can outrun a Fenris (at least) has any chance of escaping from the ensuing hell.

BTW I would pack some are beams too, with a set of capacitors to be able to fire 2 volleys. Otherwise only 1 would be availible, as  far as I figured photon beam canons actually use ammo (a fusion core that gets blast of as plasma), the wast ammount an area beam requires makes it impratical to do so. Instead they charge it with the reactor - which is slow and tends to be volatile as long as charged.
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All you need is one ship.....

The Iceni

Its fast, heavily armored for its size, but its also got one of the most important pieces of technology you need to survive a full scale Shivan invasion.........


That'll keep them Shivans from bothering you.

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Well I thought I just waited till most pf you got theyr opinions on the thread..then post my own reply..!
Well I would personali take the Colossus...because it can cary a large amount of bommbers and fighters..aswell as a large amount of suplyes..and can provide a excelent protection for a full convoy..of gas miners asteroid miners...suply ships..civilian and milatary personel..but it would not be the only ship (milatary) that i would chose remember that if you take too many milatary ships you need a large amount of suplyes..!
My other options to tag along would be the Aquitane a couple of Sobeks well maibe more...lets say some 6 of them..and why not some Orions they can take a good beating and survive..!
this refering to the whole fleet thing..!
I was talking about a single ship from the original FS2 campaign.....and I choose the the Aquitane It can handle eny destroyer that the shivans throw at it..(no SJ please) and I think it has good upgrade posibilities..I can run with it till I can ram blocades...and why not I hope after some time maibe il find a  new Knossos..that will take me far away from the distant location where I can finaly stop running and focus on finding a way resuply my ship and repair it..and even scavage for some pieces of destroied gas and asteroid miners out there..!
I hope..:p :doubt:
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A TC-2 have to survive
Personally I would Use Inferno Ships and start doing this

Find more Aliens an make them fight the shivans for you

also here is my fleet balanced to keep everything unexploitable

6 GTC Alcyone Class Cruisers (Anti-Fighter Usage)
4 GTCv Phobos Corvettes (Light Warship Destruction)
3 GTD Icelus Destroyers (Heavy Warship Destruction)
1 GTCa Warlock (Fighter Carrier with FULL compliment)
1 GTSD Odin (Command and Control)

Enough to start and maintain a pretty long war the only thing that could destroy that behemoth of a fleet would be the gargant
but that will be too busy "maintaining the galactic balance" to care about this fleet


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i'd take a boreas or astarte for anti-warship stuff
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I'd take an Anuket. And hide in a nebula somewhere. It has scientific capabilities, so I'm sure some kind of hydroponics could be established. Also, remember that Anukets are supposed to have advanced sensors for navigating these places, so it could just jump out to somewhere else in the nebula if anything came too close.
I don't believe the idea for this topic was to create a whole fleet, right? That would be kind of implausible given the circumstances. have to survive
That's what I was saying, if there really were these giant fleets and ships available, the GTVA wouldn't have been annihilated.  Large destroyers most likely would be all sacrificed and the smaller vessels would be left.  There's no way to win so the only thing to do is make a run for it and hope to find a quiet place to settle down.


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Like... In an Anuket :p There ought to be plenty of those left. Can you imagine a fleet of Anukets? Pretty...


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Originally posted by Odyssey
Can you imagine a fleet of Anukets? Pretty...

A man after my own heart! :D Want a 14k poly Anuket for in game? ;7
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Gimme a Perseus, a Prom S and a Kayser, a pack of temps and i think most problems should be solved.

But then again... the shivans would never attack one of their own species... mwuahaha ;7 :lol:
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In that case, either a Terran Mara or the Pegasus....

With a hevily modefied science vessel as my home base....
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