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Ok, first, I'm assuming Freespace2 doesn't support the mouse wheel scroll and mouse buttons > 3.  Is it possible for FSSCP to add support for the mouse scroll wheel (up and down, side to side would just be amazing because i have one of those MS ones with tilt-wheel) and buttons 4 and 5?  DirectX is already used for part of the engine anyway...

Oh yea, FSSCP 3.5.6 is AMAZING!  The only thing I dislike is that I get sudden pauses in gameplay when ships warp in, and maybe that's only on my comp.
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the axis should be bind-able and the buttons should definantly be bind-able already -- FS2 uses DIP
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Nope, I tried and the axis is not bindable.  The buttons aren't bindable either.  I'm using MS Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0.  The buttons are bindable in other DIP games (Counter-Strike takes both buttons 4 and 5).
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input is one of those 'scarry' bits of  code
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"Scarry": code that's seen so many changes that one can't make out the functional code from the cruft that should, in theory, never be reached.

Or did you mean 'scary'? I think it works out to the same thing. :D
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I know someone who played with 5 mouse buttons and it worked fine.
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Maybe Microsoft's IntelliPoint just interacts poorly with DIP or somethin... IntelliPoint does not even let you bind mouse buttons to keystrokes.
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The person I know used a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer too.
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Hey, welcome to HLP Scoob. Interesting problem you have, as I used to have an Intellimouse Explorer and remember being able to use the extra buttons I had. Never tried the scroll wheel, though... hmm, any one else had different experiences?

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It's not an explorer, it's a wireless explorer 2.0 with tiltwheel.  Anyway, it's no big deal since i just bound them to some keyboard keys.  It doesn't take much away from the experience, FSSCP looks really amazing...
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