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Working on second campaign
I've been working on my second campaign for awhile now, and I just thought i'd come back and see how things were going here. Just letting you know I haven't given up on Inferno, guys! My first campaign was short, and the first mission was very hard, and I hope to fix those shortcomings. I've set a goal of thirty missions, and i'm about halfway done.

Also, i've been reading some posts, and I don't know if I read right, but it appears you are getting rid of the Cyone and the Vesuvius! Those are two of my favorite ships :(

Working on second campaign
Please re-post your campaign somewhere. There are some of us (one at least, me) who didn't get to download it last time around.

Thank you.
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Working on second campaign
*Note to self: Get the hell back here in time to download that campaign.*
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