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For reference I've got a few ideas on how to pimp campaigns without having people posting stuff on all the forums just to gain attention... but we'll see  


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The best way to keep people interested in your campaign, I think, is to constantly release new information, pics, models, and any other stuff about it. The problem with MT is that we just don't want to give too much away right now, not to spoil the fun for when the campaign's done. If all goes well, though, and I get the time to work on several things that need to be done, we'll have more stuff posted soon. :)
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Hopefully, a good campaign will be able to stand for itself, without having to get everyone interested in it beforehand. :)
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Hopefully :nod: Indeed :nod:
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Originally posted by Zeronet
He probably did it as a one-off joke.

Well, don't think you'd enter location info if it was a one-joke... Rather I think you guys scared him off... :lol:
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