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Just whanted to tell everyone about a campaign I'm making called Freespace: EarthForce. I have a simple website at:  
All the info is on the site. There is also a sign on the sight. If you want to help go there.

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Hey dude welcome to HLP.

Good luck in your campaign but your page doesn't seem to load.

you cant hotlink in.  i tihnk he (or she)made the period part of the addy.

you have to cut and paste and remove the period
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May I suggest a little more elaborate story intro.   It doesn't build it up, and make people want and crave your campaign. I'd suggest some awesome writers I know 'round here to help you, but they're a bit busy with my stuff.  

Also, it has been done to where the player is not in Alpha wing. Just so you know.  

And don't get in over your head by planning 45+ missions either. That's A LOT of work (in case you haven't worked on a campaign to see for yourself). But if you think you can do it, more power to you!

Good luck!

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Hmmm. I may be able to help you... what do you need help with??

Do you have ICQ???
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