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We are crazy :)
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Indeed we are ;7  but then we have to be to do what we do.
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by Mr. Fury
As some of you might guess from the screenshot, Hyperion's main gun now fires plasma in salvos of four. Don't panic though. Unlike in R2, in R3 it does not target fighters.

Why? I think only the heavy plasmas in the upper front section aren't suppost to fire at fighters.
With only up to 6 (I think) 'furys they would be absolutely helpless against fighters.


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You got them mixed. Main gun does not mean the regular turrets. Its the forward firing four barreled turret.


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The "regular" guns on the cruisers can still target fighters.  

TBP has been changed so that the most powerful guns on capships will only shoot at capships now.  This means the big turrets wont waste their firepower trying to swat impossible targets like Starfuries and will instead do what they're supposed to do: pound other capships! :nod:

This also puts a bigger emphasis on fighter cover.  Ships like the Nova, for instance, only have a small handful of guns capable of hitting fighters.  While these guns are good at what they do, mass fighter attacks wield the potential to inflict grevious damage on a Nova if it's not protected by its own fighters.

Trust me, it's fun. ;)