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Originally posted by sandwich:
I come from the land where you have to have your watermelons checked by the bomb squad before you cut into them.  

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Hmmm, that's not good. We here in N Ireland have to keep an eye out for suspiciously parked cars. One trick that they used to use was to put a bomb in a boilersuit, stuff the boliersuit and leave it in the middle of some darkened road. The security forces would turn up thinking someone had been shot and get caught in the blast. The problem here is that terrorists are getting more inventive all of the time. A few years ago they built a bomb into a traffic cone and placed it outside someones house. The target person's neighbour picked it up and now they can't walk.

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I'm from Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA). I'm 50% German and 50% Belgian.  


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Originally posted by Maeglamor:
The problem here is that terrorists are getting more inventive all of the time.

When will it end? Now we can't drink beer, either:

Originally posted in this article:
In another incident, a small bomb placed in a beer can exploded in the Co-op supermarket in the basement of the Migdal Ha'ir building in downtown Jerusalem. No one was wounded.


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