Author Topic: [FA] Campaign 1 Mission 1 - Willy_Principal . Complete and ready to download  (Read 17236 times)

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[FA] Campaign 1 Mission 1 - Willy_Principal
Awesome to see your continued commitment to FA, kara. :):yes:
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[FA] Campaign 1 Mission 1 - Willy_Principal
Indeed. :) And I'm happy that I joined. I've learned whole bunch of things. :p


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[FA] Campaign 1 Mission 1 - Willy_Principal
Glad to see you're getting something out of it :)
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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[FA] Campaign 1 Mission 1 - Willy_Principal
I could test it as far as the bombers arrived, but there, the beloved SCP crashed(what a completely unexpected surprise! :rolleyes: ).
I only collected two notes:
-There is no 'clothings', there is only 'clothing'.
-The containers and the Alastor guns should have names other than 'GTSG Alastor 14 or TC 2 42', make them Container 1-x and Alastor/Sentry 1-y.

Second run:
Now, I could get as far as the Leviathan jumped in, and this time FSO did not crash my computer, it simply quit. All hail the SCP team! They are definitely improving! Now I only have to keep trying for two or three hours and I eventually complete your mission!
My notes:
- You are using obscene langauge. Drop it, no FreeSpace mission should contain vulgar language. Slang and informal parlance(to whine, damn) is okay, but the four-lettered most common vulgar word is not
-In the messages, always insert a space between the dots and the next word. Simulated speech pronounces for example 'Ok....hey!' in a strange way, write 'Ok.... hey!' instead. Note that this text is not from your mission, it's just an example.
-'May be' is not written separately, it's written as 'Maybe'
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[FA] Campaign 1 Mission 1 - Willy_Principal
Alright, i'll try to fix it as ASAP.

This mission doesn't need FSO...
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