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I never tyhaught the hades in the intro was showing the same planet as the one the pilot landed on, just a whole bunch of random clips from different planets.
actualy, mabye not.
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Originally posted by Hellbender
...what the hell is a Faustus class science ship doing in the battle...

Actually, a Great War era Faustus is almost as powerful as a Great War era Fenris.  Try it sometime, a couple of Fausti can whack a Cain taking only minimal damage in the process.
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Originally posted by StratComm
But it's not the Galatea.  It's the Legion.  It's been stated as the Legion time and time again.  The Galatea was ambushed and destroyed by the Lucifer in deep space, not to mention that canonically she was desintegrated rather than impaled.  And there were no ships about.  I always looked at the FS1 intro as one of the many great war battles that Alpha 1 didn't see, as he was busy elsewhere trying to save earth.

The Legion bit was an FS squad pimping themselves. When they asked Volition if it could be their ship, they didn't say yes or no.

However, Volition did make it clear that the ship in the intro isn't the Galatea (which was the leading theory) and that for some reason there was a Hades in Deneb. (a second ship that was under construction?)
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