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I just recently discovered Inferno after having FS2 languish on the hard drive for a while. I've been flying the missions, which are certainly challenging, even in their current form.

Are there any mission walkthroughs, yet? Thus far, I've managed to fight my way through the missions, sometimes after 4 or 5 tries, and some definite changing of strategies. At the moment, I'm stuck on one, though, and would love to see someone else's thoughts on it. Hence, the search for the walk-thru's.

Any help?


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Never made walk-thrus, but if you tell us which mission your stuck on, we might be able to give you some suggestions.

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While I like flying the Perseus-ADV, it did seem odd to me that an anti-bomber interceptor wasn't able to carry the Sniper, which is clearly an anti-bomber weapon.

Anyway, I've tried flying the mission with the Danaus and the Sabus, as well, trying to pack some serious anti-capship capability, but...  What do you think?


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You need to be able to cover a decent area so the Sabus is not recommended. Your supposed to either:

Order your wingmen to attack the Damascus turrets while you deal with the bombers


Disarm the Damascus yourself while your wingmen deal with the bombers.

You shouldn't need to disarm all its turrets, just a few so the SOC destroyer can survive and finnish it off itself. once that's done head over to the bombers.

Managing the AI can be important in the last few missions.

The Perseus was designed more for its guns than its missiles, it also has 3 banks of missiles so can't carry some of the heavier weapons. The Banshee or Aurora would of been made avaliable at a later time in the campaign.

It's funny, I got your answer at around the same time I was flying the mission, and got it this time. I made it through the next mission as well, but am stuck at the attack on the Nemesis. Thus far, I have only successfully shepherded the task force to the "bug out" point once. I was killed trying to take out a few of that ship's beam cannon turrets. I am trying to make better use of my wings. The waves of Stillettos coming in against my side's cap ships is proving... difficult.


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ugh, i havnt beaten taht one. heres something that will help maybe (i play on MEDIUM difficulty, so yer milage may vary :D ):

at the beginning, you have some down time, so order ALPHA do defend the RAMANYANA and then BETA to defend the SOLACE (both are in yer escort list). stick around the SOLACE because 1 or 2 of those initial fighters will head straight at you, and you will not survive its barrage, or at least not go well with it. the gaganas seem to like killing off the SOLACE before they go to the RAMANYANA. once beta is dead (it will be soon) and DELTA shows up, order DELTA to defend the SOLACE. when the SOLACE is killed, order EVERYONE to defend the RAMANYANA. also, a wing of gaganas shows up on the right side about 4 kliks (IIRC) off the starboard side of the RAMANYANA, so go for those. they are loaded with those rapid-fire torps. there are no waves for those.

when GAMMA shows up, just tell them to engage enemy. they will slow them down for ya.

then, fly around and shoot at anything close to you. prioritize the GAGANAS, followed by the PEREGRINES, but beware of the CLAYMORES. they have gotten me many times...

when they jump in, ignore the 2 EA corvettes. they wont do alot of harm.

when the FREEDOM (lindos off in the distance) gets close, fire off at its beam cannons only if there are no bombers around. it will only take a few volleys from teh RAMANYANA to kill it.

when the EA destroyer jumps in, you have 1 minute to disarm it as well as you can. order EVERYONE to do so. its easily possible, as ive destroyed it in just 1 minute ;) so do that. once you have 3-4 of the cannons down, let yer wingmen finish it. go for any bombers that are around.

then, just wait for them to bug out.

thats what i did, and NOW i usually survive with ~80% hull and all ships except the solace alive. however, i usually have about 5 wingmen left, even after recieving LOTS of reinforcments, but i still get that far.

however, saving the independance is far beyond my skill so far. i either g et blasted with a nemisis beam, shot down by its missiles, or just cant disarm its starboard side in time.
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Originally posted by High Max

Remember what I said, use the Cylon and load one bank with Hurricanes and the other with Trebuchets. Load both primaries with Prometheus cannons...

Hm. That didn't work out so well for me; I didn't even live long enough to get to the bug-out point. Ah, well; maybe it's my piloting! I'll work on it a bit more before I start scrounging for another approach.


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Finally won that was more a matter of luck (my wingmen surviving that long) and intelligent use of Hastor-armed wingmen and the "Destroy Subsystem" command then anything else. I didn't actually get in range of the Nemesis until the major work was done.
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