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Welcome aboard Tinashi.

Give us a little more to work with than hello though :D

How are you finding TBP so far? etc :D
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Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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"Gunnery control, lock on target. Fire on my mark........ MARK!"




Enjoy your stay at HLP.
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Be warned: This site's admins stole 100s of hours of my work. They will do it to you.


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mornin... what's for breakfast ? :)


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Hello Tinashi. Enjoy your stay.


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Maybe you should make a sticky thread for the newcomers to say hello and get shot away :p



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what? no welcome speech?

Welcome to the Hard Light Productions facility, currently enroute to TBP main forums facility.

The current topside temperature is -200 Degrees centigrade. Current inside temperature is at 32 Degrees Centigrade. Current spelling mistake-correctness ratio is 1:5.

Please keep all your limbs inside the car. In case of emergency, there are life vests under your seat, along with a flamethrower. However, due to budget cuts, there is no napalm inside, so please acquire your own in some way or the other. Plasma rifles are located in the forward lockers, but only authorised admins, a [V] God, or a hyper-intelligent shade of the color blue may open these lockers. Beware of the subspatial mines guarding the door to the control room.

The FS2 Wiki wishes to be your best friend, and the search function your second-best friend. Please review these applications accordingly.

Welcome, and have a safe and productive day! :D
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