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Duegon P0rn?  I think somebody has been messing with the forum titles...
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Now I know it's An0n...

'Our focus, pr0n. Now accepting auditions from the HLP staff.'

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* goes to post pr0n in the Duegon P0rn forum *

What what! I diddnt know any better...


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Just so you all know, I don't think dungeon pr0n is permitted by Gamespy's Term's of Service. :sigh:


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Silence, mortal.
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Oh dear sweet ****ing god.

an0n, if this is a blaze of glory make it worth while.
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nice header...i guess...
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Still, an0n be right on one thing. With what happened each time ye played with filter in th'past, ye should have tried t'check for this sort o' thin' by now.

edit : just happened to see our new 'colorfull' baneer :lol:
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an0n took over the forums? When did this happen?
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Like 30-45 minutes ago


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When you weren't looking.
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Shows what I get for spendin' th'day at RIT. Still, should be fun for th'duration.

As a side note, it's "Dungeon Pr0n", as anyone who's been to Penguinbomb knows.
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Originally posted by IceFire
When ye weren't looking.

Right. That sounds so much like Icefire. :rolleyes:

I can't wait to see this place crash and burn! :lol:
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apparently, HLP blows.
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*quakes in fear*

Great. HLP's finished, all so an0n could have his revenge.


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Och, they have backups anyways.

Arr arr, so HLP now stands for Highjacked by Local Pervert!
:lol: :lol:
Oh, wait... that´s not funny.
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Originally posted by High Max
And t'think this place would actually post a pic o' a gay threesome doin' th'unspeakable

ye biggot.
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<Redfang> You're almost like Stryke 9 or an0n
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Originally posted by Raa

....I can't wait t'see this place crash an' burn! :lol:

You are pretty malicious.
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Don't worry, Blitzerland. He hasn't arbitrarily banned anyone at Penguinbomb in a while. Of course, he may do it for old time's sake :drevil:
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