Author Topic: Warning- someone profiting from your work  (Read 1248 times)

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Warning- someone profiting from your work
Hi new member here Hello everyone

don't know if anyone is aware, was on
tonight mooching for B5 memorabilia when i found this page

someone is selling copies of the latest release of the babylon project.  My concern is that if Warner Brothers or anyone connected get wind of this, they might blame yourselves.  

If there is one thing that annoys me it's people profiting from other people's hard work. And I know this was made out of love of the series not profit

And beleive me been watching this sight for years and know the hard work you've all put in.  

Just thought I'd better bring it to your attention, that's all.

By the way love the new release, what else have you got planned anything Crusade or LOTR era planned?

Anyhoo just want to say congratulations on the game and just wanted to give you the heads up on someone trying to profiteer off of you.

Good Morning gentlemen this is your wakeup call!!!!


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Warning- someone profiting from your work
*reports item to ebay*
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Warning- someone profiting from your work
All we need now is some dumb f*** messin things up for everyone, now that would really piss me off :mad:

Now that i`ve calmed some..
The important thing that I see is, it has no bids.. :D

I only hope the people(s) responcible are delt with, harshly.. :nod:

(edit) Ahh, read the other thread concering this and was glad to see that action was taken..
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Warning- someone profiting from your work