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Hi , I need help to fix this problem :)

when I want to play RW a click on button campaign this will show

Error: Invalid ship class name.

In sexpression: ( when
   ( order
      "Beta 2"
      "Protect my target"
      "Jumpgate Arm 2"
   ( allow-ship "EA Aurora" )
   ( allow-ship "EA Aurora MK1" )
   ( allow-ship "EA Escort Aurora" )
   ( allow-ship "EA Badger" )
   ( allow-ship "EA Thunderbolt" )
   ( allow-ship "EA 109 Zephyr" )
   ( allow-ship "PSI Aurora" )
   ( allow-ship "PSI Thunderbolt" )
   ( allow-ship "Sheridan's Aurora" )
   ( allow-ship "Sinclair's Aurora" )
   ( allow-ship "Ivanova's Aurora" )
   ( allow-ship "EA Valkyrie" )
   ( allow-ship "EA Skylark" )
   ( allow-ship "CR Sentri" )
   ( allow-ship "NR Frazi" )
   ( allow-ship "MF Nial" )
   ( allow-ship "MF Tishat" )
   ( allow-ship "MF Lintira" )
   ( allow-ship "DF Sky Serpent" )
   ( allow-ship "ISA Whitestar" )
   ( allow-weapon "40mm Pulse" )
   ( allow-weapon "45mm Pulse" )
   ( allow-weapon "60mm Pulse" )
   ( allow-weapon "42mm Plasma" )
   ( allow-weapon "43mm Plasma" )
   ( allow-weapon "45mm Fusion" )
   ( allow-weapon "Disruptor" )
   ( allow-weapon "Particle Array" )
   ( allow-weapon "Ion Accelerator" )
   ( allow-weapon "52mm Pulse" )
   ( allow-weapon "75mm Pulse" )
   ( allow-weapon "Neutron Gun" )
   ( allow-weapon "Light Fusion" )
   ( allow-weapon "Drazi 35mm" )
   ( allow-weapon "WS Pulsed Fusion" )
   ( allow-weapon "WS Pulsed Neutron" )
   ( allow-weapon "Pulsed Fusion" )
   ( allow-weapon "WS Neutron Beam" )
   ( allow-weapon "EA Venom 1" )
   ( allow-weapon "EA Venom 2" )
   ( allow-weapon "EA Panther" )
   ( allow-weapon "EA Bulldog" )
   ( allow-weapon "CR Asari" )
   ( allow-weapon "NR Ta'Lon" )
   ( allow-weapon "NR T'Kor" )
   ( allow-weapon "MF Shokrai" )
   ( training-msg "Unlock Everything" )
(Error appears to be: EA Valkyrie)
File:E:\Languages\Visual Studio Projects\Visual C++\fs2_open\code\Mission\MissionParse.cpp
Line: 4517

Call stack:

Thx for further help


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Sounds like something's missing from your tables.  Are you sure you're using the newest Base release?
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I update to version 2.1 and no response , same problem :(


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I suspect that there is a mod installed here. Run a search in your Babylon Project folder for *.tbl.

If you find nothing run a search for *.vp and tell me if you find anything that doesn't start with B5-C-sp- or B5-Core-
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Offline krcik

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other mods work but this one don´t want to :-\  .  
I have
and other *.vp files


As I say I successfully played survival mod , Earth-Minbary war,In the beggining mod
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What other .vps? You didn't go installing TBP in FS2 folder, didn't you? :wtf:
It's a standalone and should be installed seperatley as it does not require FS2 to work.

Another thing. When you have core.vp there is no need to have additional .tbl files as you seem to have, if I understood your post correctly...
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Offline krcik

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I don´t have Freespace 2 :) , only TBP and mods


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:rolleyes: I can see I'm going to be explaining this sort of thing a lot. *Grumbles about people releasing mods without proper instructions on how to install them* :rolleyes:

You've installed the mod incorrectly. Since you weren't told how to install it correctly that's not exactly your fault but it means you need to know how to do it the right way.

1) All Mods should be installed to a subfolder within the TBP folder. You should NEVER install mods to data. Single mission files or campaign files maybe but if the mod contains anything else you should use the mod features built into FS2_Open instead.

2) Make a folder called InTheBeginning inside your TBP folder.

3) Drag your entire data folder into it.

4) Make a new data folder.

5) Go into the old Data folder and drag the players folder back into the new one. Drag The cache, documentation, freddocs, links and strips folders back while you're at it too (You don't need these to run the game but you may end up scratching your head about their disappearance at a later date if you don't)

6) Raider Wars should now work fine.

7) If you want to run In The Beginning again use the select mod button in the launcher and select the InTheBeginning folder. If it complains about spaces in the name you'll need to make sure that there are no spaces in the entire path to the folder (which means you're out of luck if you installed to C:\Program Files).

Oh and while I'm at it not owning FS2 is a cause for tears not smiley faces :p Get yourself over to the general freespace forum and download yourself a copy. :)

BTW : What other .vp files do you have? They might also be the cause of your problems.
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Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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Thanks for that Kara. Saved me a job.
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