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hi all
i just found SCP a week ago , and had a chance to play around with FS2 SCP and The babylon project
now i seen the name "inferno" too many times to just ignore it so i got it too
(R1 + all the needed files for FS2 open)
anyway , i love what i seen so far - definatly seems like a good "FS3" idea

only question is -  are there any voice acting avaiable ?
cuz the text run too fast to read AND fight and the MS speech option isnt very nice either...

gread mod!


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Nope there's no voice acting avalaible for Inferno and R1 wasn't designed for the SCP speech support.


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Im'a noob myself, been lurking for a few weeks to understand it all. Y'all keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to R2 or is it INF SCP? Great bunch of forums. Also, I'm playing FS2 retail w/R1, any suggestions?
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R2 was a bit confusing, so INF SCP R1 will probably the next release. Calling it R2 would be like it's a continuation of R1.

Sorry for the bump.  But, I've just started the Inferno mods, and there are no in-game voices at all.  In particular, the stock wingman quotes like calling for help or dying.  Is that normal?  I did the regular Shiva install.
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It's normal.
Inferno plz
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Yeah i removed those as some of our quotes are different to the original retail ones, so the voices don't fit them anymore.


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oh yeah i just remembered. on one of the missions there was a spelling error. i think near the middle of the campaign.
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There are lots of spelling errors in Inferno.  It's just something we have to live with. :)