Author Topic: Corrupted at loading time or what? Have no idea...  (Read 1081 times)

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Corrupted at loading time or what? Have no idea...

This is not the first time this happened to me, but this time its persistent. Some of the ship models don't load at all or load corrupted (i.e. half a ship). If I restart fs2open and load again it usually fixes it, but not in this case. Although I'm having the issue with fs1port right now, it happened with plain fs2open as well (latest CVS build with mediaVPs). Once I solved it with restarting the campaign. Please tell me there is an other way.


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Re: Corrupted at loading time or what? Have no ide
Create a user name (I'd stick with your hard-light: Caius)
Open the confirmation e-mail from your junk-mail box
Report the bug!!
Read tips on how to report:,34786.0.html
Hope this helps a bit
PS also try the latest builds from,34852.0.html
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PPS direct link:
Open latest month's folder
Currently, latest is February2006/20060220-Goober5000.rar