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Originally posted by an0n:
Unlike real-life things commonly known as 'plot-holes' can develop where certain things are unexplainble or vary greatly from time to time.

I don't know... quantum plot-holes are spontaneously created and destroyed all the time.   They just don't last long enough for them to affect the newtonian universe... Well maybe near a blackhole (but then again, isn't that like a cosmic plot hole right there?).

Kill me now. Cheezy quantum comedy is a capital offense in most nations.

[I am not really here. This post is entirely a figment of your imagination.]

in your first incident they used that indicator not to push it into a moon but make the moons mass shadow larger so the dovin basals ( who are not smart) use more of their collective to get out of there as ordered by the ship lord  ( tasavong lah) .

the second part it was kyp that first used it and a indicator was used to make the breach bigger because an indicator can`t open a breach alone but only widen it.

sorry for this rant i want to correct any bad views or misunderstanding about this sieries wich is confusing to those that don`t read everything
Originally posted by ^Graff:
Not the Vong interdictors.  In two if the NJO books (the second stackpole one and the first edge of victory one) the interdictors actually create a gravity well.

In one, they ues it to force a Vong cruiser to shunt all its dovin basals into its drive, so that it will not be pulled into a moon of Ithor.  By forcing it to direct its dovin basals into propulsion, they can't be used for shielding.  

In the other, an interdictor is used to disrupt a system's lagrange points so that a NR fleet can jump into the system in an area that the Vong haven't picketed.  It's like this: a jump node is surrounded by mjolonirs, and you have to get into the system.  What do you do?  Disrupt the gravitic balance of the system by sending an interdictor through the node so that the node moves to a different spot, away from the Mjolonirs, just long enough to get a fleet into the system.  Of course, the sentries will kill the cruiser, but it is better to lose one cruiser than an entire fleet.

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