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Very newbish question
(don't hurt me please)

How do i download TBP?
The stargame file domain is broken anddd
I don't know how to use the other link
(have pity of me, i am dumb)


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Re: Very newbish question
Try the HLP bittorrent tracker, I believe it has a link to a TBP torrent.
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Re: Very newbish question
The stargame file domain is broken anddd
It's not broken. Or it is, kind of. But I gather you get a redirect when you click it?
Then close the new window, and click the download link again, and the download should begin. If not, close the new window and click the link again. And so on. The download is supposed to begin right away when you click the link at the TBP site. This usually happens at the second try.

You might not have luck with the torrent, since there aren't many seeders nowdays. Or so I understand.
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Re: Very newbish question
Target locked, fire!!!!


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