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Top Five Recent Games
okay, here's one for you folks, what five games have you played Recently (other than any MMO's you may have played)

here's mine
HL2 Ep1
Hitman: Blood money
Transport Tycoon Deluxe (yes, a venerable classic)  :P
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Re: Top Five Recent Games
 hmm err

world of warcaft
Hitman: blood money
Rise of legends

Well that's only 4. 5th would be some random old game like freespace:p
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Re: Top Five Recent Games
The most recent games, eh?

Well, if this included my XBox games...

X-Wing Alliance
Freespace 2
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
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Re: Top Five Recent Games
How about the Ace Combat series?

From the 4th to the 6th..then Final Fantasy XII, an for 5th game,well,we are talking about the recent ones...
FS2 SCP RC 5  :)
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Re: Top Five Recent Games
HL2 (incl. EP1)
Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy)

Cripes I'm out of ideas.
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Re: Top Five Recent Games
1. Red Alert 2
2. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
3. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
4. Starcraft
5. Freespace 2
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Re: Top Five Recent Games
I've played only two games in recent memory: Halo 2 and Silent Storm.


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Re: Top Five Recent Games
FS2, Morrowind, HL1, various mods for HL1, and umm... desktop freespace


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Re: Top Five Recent Games

Septerra Core
HL: Opposing Forces
Kult: Heretic Kingdoms
Heroes of Might and Magic 5

So far only these.

HL2 (incl. EP1)
Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy)

Cripes I'm out of ideas.

Hey, is Farenheit any good? Been wondering about getting it for a while.


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Re: Top Five Recent Games
1 : Rise & Fall : Civilisations at War
2 : Warzone 2100
3 : Rise of Legends
4 : Caesar 3
5 : FS2


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Re: Top Five Recent Games
Titan Quest, it's like diablo 2 but set in ancient greece, and done in beautiful 3d.  havent had too much time to play it though :(
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Re: Top Five Recent Games
Knights of the Old Republic
Ground Control 2
Battle for Wesnoth (Getting pissed off at the Northern Rebirth campaign now. Restarted Christ knows how many times.)
Galactic Civilizations 2
Terminal Velocity

Kinda Freespaced out at the moment, to be honest. I'll get back to it; using the time to work on some models and more campaign plotting.
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Re: Top Five Recent Games
1: Warzone 2100
2: Freespace 2
3: Descent 2
4: Scorched Earth   :nervous:
5: Descent 3


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Re: Top Five Recent Games
Half Life (Just finished it for the first time, yay for keeping up with rest of the gaming world)
Half Life 2
FreeSpace 2

The last two aren't that "recent", I don't play more than one or two games at a time.


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Re: Top Five Recent Games
Depends on what you call recent, but out of the stuff I've played or replayed since the beginning of the year:

Chronicles of Riddick
Descent 2
NFS Most Wanted
DX Invisible War

4: Scorched Earth :nervous:



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Re: Top Five Recent Games
1: Warzone 2100

Addictive isn't it ;) I blame the Tech tree, it's the only game outside of GalCiv or the like I've ever played where you can continue the game for Hours and still not run out of things to research.


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Re: Top Five Recent Games

descent 2
freespace 1
freespace 2
freespace scp
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Re: Top Five Recent Games
2. FS2
3. FS
4. MOO2
5. Ultima IV


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Re: Top Five Recent Games
1. Rome.
2. System Shock 2
3. Team Fortress.
4. Counter Strike.
5. Smackdown 2.
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Re: Top Five Recent Games
(in temporal order, as of yesterday)
1/ Brain Training
2/ Metroid Prime Hunters
3/ New Super Mario Bros
4/ Mario Kart DS
5/ Animal Crossing WW

(In case no-one's guessed yet, my DS has firmly usurped both the PC and PS2 as my favourite gamey machine)