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Well, its really hard to find things around in the forums, so I created:

The Freespace 2 Link Central

Unfortanly, probably the only thing that people have trouble to find and what is there are Lighstpeed's Nebulea.....

So, if you have some good links, give them to me, and i'll add them to the FS2 central!

And please, link to the site as many as you can, hopefully, new ones will look into that site first before asking qeustions where to find something...


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Are you going to put your site back up?
Gettin' back to dodgin' lasers.

I completely forgot about it actually. But since you mentioned it, I will. All the mods that I put there are still there. Just the links are gone.
The 'Cockpits'
Inertia/realfight mod.


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The first link is broken, and I don't understand Danish.
Gettin' back to dodgin' lasers.


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You need to clean up or decorate that page. I am a tidyness freak, so, sorry about that.

Ahh...a realfight mod, just suited for my needs.

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