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It's all about maintaining control over the hype and publicity about a game before it exists on the market.

thats what im talking about... thats why the NDA is there for.

so you cant put the points together, il explain it for you. stealing ideas is meaning 'talk' or hype, example; someone starts bragging about some game feature and thier happens to be a person nearby listening to this.

publicity is all about avertising the game and its 'features' such as the 'ideas', example in a booklet thier is screenshots and game layouts that can easily taken.

dont discount this will you :)
now tell me something i dont know.

Whatever. It looks you're trying to explain away your ignorance with defective reasoning. But on the off chance you're not, it's generally better to say what you mean than make a vague tangent and hope people understand what you're getting at.

the reason is because of companies making games see people who are openly talking about ideas, this company can STEAL the idea and make it his own, and launch it before the orginal game with the idea in the first place.


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as you wish but your ignorance in not wanting to know is also your problem, your own words hit just hit you in the face :nervous:.
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Both of you, stop it.


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Sid's not being particularly inflammatory...and actually makes sense.

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