Which command was smarter or better for the job?

Freespace 1 Command
28 (63.6%)
Freespace 2 Command
16 (36.4%)

Total Members Voted: 42

Author Topic: Who was the better command  (Read 2315 times)

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Re: Who was the better command
It's probably not discrimination, it's just that most of us (well, at least me) still hate the FS2 Command for the "Avoid The Beams And You Won't Get Hit" Moment.  :hopping:

I found him annoying because of the stupid things he told you to do, such as to destroy the Maelstrom's cannon (not a bad idea in itself, but if you didn't, the other idiot got mad at you) or to lure the Shivans to the Renenet before destroying them.

what's wrong with that ? I always found I had to lure them to the Corvette as my wing buddies would almost immediatley get wasted. Usually followed by me, unless I hide behind the 'vette. Or I just sack trying to play on "hard"  :doubt:
On a side note I thought the music especially suited that mission (a flaming sword ?)

Re: Who was the better command
Into the Maelstrom I believe.

Re: Who was the better command
The voice acting in FS2 was greatly better then FS1 . (Lieutenant Commander Snipes rocks ! )


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Re: Who was the better command
FS2 command.  I don't like him, but at least he didn't send me into a shivan armada in a broken down fighter, then advise me to dock with the enemy command ship.

"Avoid the beams and you won't get hit" annoyed me, but "Oh my god, it's the lucifer!  See if you can get into it's fighter bay!"  annoyed me much, much more.

I thought that was a cool idea actually. Infiltrate the sucker, fire some weapons inside its fighterbay, cause some damage. See also: Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

You know, I thought of Independance Day!  :lol:
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Re: Who was the better command
i perfered NTF command myself, even though thats not an option.... lol....

"You did not have authorization to return to base. Your actions jeopardized the lives of those involved in this mission and the NTF's objectives in this theatre. Unless Command decides otherwise, you are hereby stripped of your wings and all privileges bestowed upon you as an officer of the Neo-Terran Front.

You will be confined to the brig pending your execution at 2100."

HEHE, DIE COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Who was the better command
FS1 Command. The guy had vague tinges of humanity. FS2 Command's a heartless bastard.
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Re: Who was the better command
FS2 command.  I never got the sense he was a heartless bastard - I doubt he really gives the orders, you know; he's just in charge of relaying them.  Poor guy just isn't allowed to show any emotion; he has to maintain military discipline and set an example for the pilots. 

Though he cracks a bit at the end: "Capella has gone supernova!"  And then that heartbreaking "Godspeed, pilots!"

The voice actor was amazing.