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The Shivans aren't idiots; they've seen the level of GTVA tech, they know how long humanity and the Vasudans have been hanging around, and they can pretty easily guess that there aren't 80 Colossi or they would have been deployed well before the Knossos was destroyed, let alone Capella began being evacuated.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the Shivans used - sacrificed - that first Sathanas to scout Terran defenses, identify tactics against them, and determine the reaction to an incursion.

Shivans know squat! :D
They never studied or scanned anything of ours, not even scanning a ship.
The only thing they wish to learn is can they destroy the idiot trying to communicate with them in less than 0,5 seconds.
I'd say we are as much a mistery to them as they are to us.
Kidnaping Bosch was a presedan in their behaviour, so maby they did finally get interested into learning more.

- How on earth do you know the Shivans haven't scanned or studied any GTVA ship? (not that they need to; you don't need to study a Brazilian rainforest tribe to know a tank should wipe them out.
- How do we know Bosch was a precedent?
- Why are you making stuff up?  It's bad fom.... especially when you make omniscent statements about the Shivans.


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A lot of campaigns reference jumps within the same system, which "require the presence of a strong gravitational field."  Maybe that is where that hypothesis came from.

Nodeless travel was one of the key plot elements of Sync.
From the FS2 tech room:

"In simple terms, subspace is an n-dimensional tunnel between one point in the universe and another. A vessel can travel through this tunnel in a matter of minutes, making a journey that might otherwise take decades or even centuries at light speed.

A jump drive causes a ship to vibrate in multiple dimensions until its modulations are in perfect synchronization with the subspace continuum. A vortex opens, creating an aperture from an infinitesimally small point in the cosmos, enabling the vessel to cross the subspace threshold.

Two types of jumps are possible.

First, an intrasystem jump can occur between two points in a star system. Most small, space-faring vessels are equipped with motivators capable of these short jumps. The presence of an intense gravitational field is required, prohibiting travel beyond the boundaries of a star system.

Second, ships can jump from system to system via nodes. Until the Great War, only larger ships could generate sufficient power to use jump nodes. The development of jump drives for fighters and bombers in 2335 enabled the Alliance to destroy the SD Lucifer in subspace. Producing these small jump drives is prohibitively expensive, so they are restricted to missions that require pilots to travel between systems. The Head-Up Display indicates the location of jump nodes with a green sphere.

The vast majority of subspace nodes are extremely unstable, forming and dissipating in nanoseconds. Other nodes have a longer lifespan, existing for centuries or millennia before collapsing. The jump nodes sanctioned by the GTVA for interstellar travel are expected to remain stable for many years."

As far as I'm concerned...thats the law on subspace :)
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The Lucifer or another important ship may have had the ability to temporarily stabilize jump nodes. Perhaps when that other important ship was destroyed, the Shivans stopped coming. Or maybe, there was a Knossos in (or leading to) Ross 128, which was somehow disabled by the GTI or something.


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Actualy there is a serious question mark weather the shivans had contact with the Lucifer fleet. I'm talking about the shivans from the lucifer fleet and the ones we encounter during the second great war.

this is mainly because even before capella and the capture of bosch the shivans did not do any concentrated effort towards breaking the front lines of the GTVA and engage the GTVA on its home yard so to speak.

But if that is strange what they did after bosch was captured and the subsequesnt apearance and destruction of the first juggernought is even more strange.

Mi best guess is that the GTVA will not have any significant if any contact at all with the shivans for a period of time. Or atleast untill the GTVA starts exploring other sistems . And by that time you can rest asured that the GTVA will have something up theyr sleaves with which to seal themselves from the shivans in a more efective way. Or at least some new weapon with which to counter the massive shivan numbers in terms of juggs. Maibe a more powerfull version of the Mjolnir planted in the dozens around key jumpnodes or something like that.

I see the GTVA exploting one of theyr major advantages which was shown during the second great war and that is the range of theyr beam cannons. Perhaps increase the range even further and even though they may not actualy incerase the amoun of damage they do in any huge way they will most definetly increase theyr refire rate.

Let us not forget that for a substantial period of time the Collie was able to do a significat amount of damage thanks to its long range beam cannons. Overloaded as they might of been they were still capable of engaging the shivans at double the distance of the shivan beam cannons.

Also i see the GTVA managing to do something else which they rely heavily on and that is the rapid deploiment of fighters and bommbers from theyr campships and/or bases. Perhaps design they large cap ships so that they can deploy up to 10 or 20 fighters at once.

Also it is very very hard to believe that the shivans managed to bypass all the GTVA controled space which surounds the Sol sistem and get into the Sol sistem. I believe that if any subspace corridor would of been of any use or would prove usefull to the shivans in getting into Sol the GTVA would of found out about it. I mean they must of searched and scanned every posible corner of space and eventualy monitored every sigle  patch of space surounding Sol and I believe the same goes for the Sol sistem whic is cut off from the GTVA .

Without the threat of a new shivan invasion they must of concentrated they efforts towards subspace tech and taking out the lucifer faster which in term would of resulted in the subsequent discovery of beam cannon tech. Remember Sol gouverment has nothing else to do exept research into subspace and better bomsbs and beam cannons or weaponry with which to take out a threat similar to the Lucifer.

Of course this is based on the asumption that the GTA gouverment inside sol managed to evade any uprisings and any economical colapse. But even so they would of had a suficiently powerfull reason to keep everithing in order and that is the threat of them beeing caught off guard again by the shivans and risk anihalation.
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