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I am releasing an alpha version of my HQ red sun. any criticism welcome! also if you have any idea on how to make it better please tell me. if everyone likes it then I might make a full suns pack. enjoy!!!Bug testing for me!!!

EDIT: Get the it here instead

PS in the old one, the sun glow is named wrong you will have to rename it ( i spelled "sun", "son").
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Could you post a screenshot of that one?

SoL is looking for a sound effect artist
Please PM me in case you want to apply
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This would be very handy for my shivan datafiles (and would give me something else to put in 1.0 since i'm currently low on things to put in it), so could i have permission to bundle it in?


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sure, just keep in mind that I am to improve the glow some more. and I might make other colors.

Yay! blackhole likes it!


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just in case... look at the top post.