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I'd like to get TBP running on my Mac and gather from the 'on Linux/MacOSX' thread that I will need to checkout from CVS and compile in order to do that. However, I can't find a link to the TBP CVS repository. Where do I check out from...?




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Go to the source code project forums.
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That just covers the game engine though, right? What about the TBP-specific sources?


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TBP runs using standard FS2_Open builds.
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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I can usually find a CVS on the corner of any major intersection.


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Here's a sticky thread with a nice universal OSX binary:,44374.0.html

Of course if you want to compile yourself, you can do that. Here's a HowTo to checkout the sources from CVS and compile them:
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