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SCP Dev Roadmap (outdated)
Update:  The following list currently only serves as a reminder of features we'd like to add some day.  Original version numbers have been removed, just consider the groupings as possible milestones.  Expect a more accurate milestone list down the line.

I'm going to start this based upon what taylor said - we can then try to add things into the schedule in discussion (similiar to my PCS2 roadmap thread) - let's try to roadmap in "Required bugfixes as well"

color statuses
Tweaking - for when you've commited it and are just finishing off little adjustments
Done/Fixed - for when it's completely done

  • new FS2NetD2 code (Taylor)
  • SLDC (Shield Collision Trees) (Kazan)
  • OpenGL fixes (Taylor)
  • reworked ships lab (Taylor)
  • reduced memory footprint (Taylor)
  • and better multi-format file loading (particularly for music).  (Taylor)
  • normal mapping via shaders (Taylor)
  • ships.tbl level texture replacement (Skinning) (Taylor) (in XT tree diff)
  • Enhanced Autopilot (builting cinematics) (Kazan)
  • Fiction Viewer (Goober)
  • fire-turret (Goober)
  • invalidate-goal force (Goober)
  • 'dynamicification' of MAX_PARSE_OBJECTS (Goober)
  • Shield/weapon energy regen ship specific, measured in %/sec [Rqst: WCS]
  • Ships.tbl "Flash"-effect flag needs work - brighter, quicker (<.25s duration) [Rqst: WCS]
  • more explosion variety [Rqst: WCS]

  • #1441  Able to target beyond max radar range (Kazan)
  • #1315   FRED won't display ship info, such as name and co-ordinates (Goober)
  • #1242  Mods being validated when they arent supposed to (Kazan)
  • #1331 Crash on the Nebula color change (Kazan)
  • #1431 Crash when setting cues in FRED (Kazan)
  • #1203 Multi player host mission select list not displaying all missions (Kazan)
  • #1281 After using cutscene sexps to teleport player to a new position warships have no collision detection (Kazan)

  • Compressed VPs (taylor) (maybe dead?)
  • New scripting code (from HEAD) (WMC)
  • no collide subobject prop (if nobody else does it by then) (Kazan)
  • Gravity Points (Goober)
  • Explosion Time (Goober)
  • Communications menu customization (Goober)
  • Comm Taunting + Hostile death messages (me - they would go with the comm customizations) (Goober)
  • Make alt-command briefing window - textbox at bottom, video window 2x large, video player capable of playing .mve/.ogg [Rqst: WCS]
  • surface-shields would emit shield-hit ani [Rqst: WCS]
  • taunts - four built-in message lines for taunts (random selection between list via 1 hotkey) - 2 taunts to target = 50% chance it changes target to taunter [Rqst: WCS] (same as what is already listed in roadmap under goober)
  • Rework planetary orbits code - be able to specify "too close" distance [Rqst: WCS]
  • Manual landings  (Turey)

  • Advanced Hazards System (better asteroids, mines, etc)  (Kazan & Goober)
  • Objects behind other objects become sensor obscured (if occluding object is properly flagged) (required for AHS)
  • Region-defined volumetric fogging [via shaders? if via shaders we can get shader soft-shadows too Big grin] (required for AHS) (Kazan)
  • Draw/don't draw hazard objects based upon distance-to-observer (ie they blend into the fog so don't have to be spent drawing) (required for AHS) (Kazan)
  • New section in .fs2 format for defining AHS entities (Kazan)
  • Improved Starfield (adding bitmap stars of various sizes to current AAlines stars, skewing distribution toward galatic plane, and possible toward nebula bitmaps) (Kazan)
  • OBJ3,47751.0.html (Bobboau)
  • damage decals return (Bobboau)
  • wxFred  (Goober & Bobboau)
  • First Person Shooter emulation (Goober)
  • Custom HUD layouts per fighter [Rqst: WCS]
  • Customizable Mainhall - with "doors" to other rooms (ex to mission simulator) [Rqst: WCS]
  • HUD Weapon-selection alternative graphics (see 2j,39377.0.html) [Rqst: WCS]


  • Merge Imperial Alliance codebase (Goober)
  • Merge Xt codebase


please list additions to appropriate (.10, .11, 3.7, unscheduled) for yourself and any corrections if i put anything in the wrong place or it needs to be marked with a status
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Please discuss features or comment on this plan, or other bugs in new threads. Keep this purely for updates.

Discuss it generally, here:,48706.0.html

Specific features probably should get their own threads.
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surface-shields would emit shield-hit ani [Rqst: WCS]

This is no longer needed. At least not by Saga.


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I think there have been other mods that could make use of it.  I know FotG would like it.
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So would FSPort.  But I spent quite some time several months ago studying the shield impact code, and couldn't figure out how to make it apply to shield-less ships. :(  The code seems heavily intertwined with the actual model shield mesh.


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I wrote a bit a code which replaced the surface shield effects with alternate impact effects (ie. if ship had shields the impacts appeared as shield effect like 'explosions' glued to the local hit position). But that is not the same as having the effect spread around the ship like the shield effect does.
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