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Ok....I just started messing around with Ubuntu 7.10....used the nifty web installer to download everything, and now i've got the tar.gz file and not a clue as to what todo after that. Didn't see any threads that had instructions for the common n00b, so I figured I'd ask.



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Not sure what you got there, but you can do this to get the stuff out:
gunzip file
tar -xf file


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if you got the linux binariesc through the executable, they should have been unpacked for you already.
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why would an SCP error be considered as news? :wtf: *smacks Cobra*It's a feature.

lol i thought i had to do some fancy install procedure to get them to work xD

I didn't realize that you just unpack and run the file lmao

Is there someplace where I can add the fancy launch options like how I did in windows?


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You add them at the command line.

For example, here's what I routinely use:

Code: [Select]
./fs2_open -spec -glow -env -mipmap -missile_lighting -cache_bitmaps -targetinfo -rearm_timer -ship_choice_3d -3dwarp -warp_flash -snd_preload -mod mediavps -fps -jpgtga
The other graphical options are configured in a file located at ~/.fs2_open/fs2_open.ini

Here's what mine looks like:
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VideocardFs2open=OGL -(1280x1024)x32 bit
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Yea I'm just gonna copy my launch options from the windows install and see what happens :)

-noscalevid -spec -glow -env -mipmap -spec_exp 11 -spec_static 0.8 -missile_lighting -dualscanlines -rearm_timer -3dwarp -warp_flash -snd_preload -alpha_env -fps -mod mediavps


Will report back tomorrow with some issue lol

I made a very simple script for me:
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pushd /home/schoeggu/games/fs2/actual/code &>/dev/null
PARAMS="$PARAMS -nograb"
#PARAMS="$PARAMS -window"
./fs2_open_r $PARAMS ${*} -mod mediavps
popd &>/dev/null
I all the params took from ./fs2_open_r --help where most options are displayed. With a good editor (vim, emacs..) you can change that to the PARAMS="$PARAMS -[option] very fast.

Then I commented out all the params I didn't want (like in this example the -window option).
Now I can easy add an option by removing the '#' at the of the line, or remove one by adding a # at the start of the line..

Of course, when calling the script I can also add options: fs_open -window -mod superduperfreespacemod (fs_open is the name of the scriptfile ;) )


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Remember too that you can also make use of the cmdline_fso.cfg file for specifying cmdline options.  Any options that you use by default for all mods you can add to ~/.fs2_open/data/cmdline_fso.cfg.

You can also have a "local" version, which is under data/ of the game directory, if you happen to make use of per-mod directory locations (like I tend to do).  That "local" version would then be used only by that one mod, allowing you to easily have per-mod options without having to edit anything.