Author Topic: Behold Derek Smart's generosity - UC for free  (Read 9113 times)

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Re: Behold Derek Smart's generosity - UC for free
At the current moment, GameTap has close to 1000 games in its catalog.  The vast majority of said games are for gaming systems that I don't own (and have no desire to), are far too old/rare to track down without great effort and expense, wouldn't work at all without some sort of system emulation/tweaking, or are titles that I wouldn't be willing to lay down money for specifically in the first place.  And out of the titles on the service that I do own, several of them are in a form (specifically, the PS2) that I don't have access to at the moment.  With my current plan, I'm paying $25 every 3 months (though I probably should change to the $85 a year option at some point) to access all of these games in one convenient catalog, as many times as I want and for as long as I want.  An Internet connection is required?  So what?  This computer's always connected to the Internet anyway.  And if GameTap completely folds someday, I won't have lost anything for the whole experience, since I've already gotten the chance to play several classic titles I never would have been able to otherwise.  Frankly, I'm having a hard time seeing even one detriment to the whole thing.


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Re: Behold Derek Smart's generosity - UC for free
Well if it's OK for you...

But personnally, I hope it will not remain eterlanny gametap exclusive. (perhaps it will be released later in, say, galcom collector's edition since bravo team and talon elite are going to be boxed).