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Ehm... sorry to be obnoxious...
but I tried 4 different FS2open apps, and it still randomly crashes my mac (and makes me need to turno off and reboot... why?!!!)   :wtf:

Summary of my installation:
1) install via the installer, over 5gb, no flaws.
2) several .app installed (the one that came with the installer/taylor's 30/3/08/ a 3.6.10 04/2008 / a 3.6.9patched for 16/9 found also on these forums), launched by the Launcher.
Results, always the same... it randomly crashes... once I even got as far as to play the first mission of the original campaign, but usually it crashes earlier, and not at a fixed point.

Do I need to dual boot my mac?  :sigh:

Thanks to all the patient readers/helpers...


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Does it crash whenever you move the cursor toward one side of the screen?  If so, then you are experiencing a bug I had too.  It has been fixed recently.  Download this build and see if it fixes the problem.


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please post your Mac configuration and what software you use in the background e.g. Menumeters or what is in your startup-Items
also post your commandline settings 


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Re: MacOSX... fixed?! :rolleyes:
Tinman's build made this thing work almost flawlessly!  :nod:
I played the first mission ("Surrender, Belisarius!") with the MediaVPs with no crash; minor gripe (hints hints hints... :) I couldn't get my thrust forward and backward keys to work (usually keys a/z), thus making my dogfighting... dodgey :-)
Tried to assign them to different keys, but freespace didn't quite like them...

I'll see if something else comes up, but for now, it didn't crash and perfermed very well.
So... thanks!  :rolleyes:

Just hope it's not going to break with upgrades.

A happy Freespace 2 Player (until some other bug comes up again)  :)

"Talk sense to a fool and he calls you fool" Euripide

FS2 is useless on the Mac.
Crashes,no idea how to use the graphics settings because there are no tooltips to guide you.

Do you put a 1 or other number in those boxes?Don't know-nothing there to tell me.

I keep getting a flag file error and now it doesn't want to launch the launcher.

Stay away if you are on a Mac hehe.

Sorry I'm being a harsh bastard. :sigh:


Someone by the Username of Taylor has working dmg  files.

Thanks Taylor!

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 :wtf: :wtf:

On a related note, I'm going to start releasing SVN builds every other week from now on for both OS X and Linux starting this Friday.  And I'll interrupt that schedule if some really big bug fix hits SVN or something.  Hopefully this will keep all of the non-Windows users nice and up to date without forcing you guys to roll your own builds from time to time. :)