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Well, I'm gonna spoilerize this just in case.

The mycon/syreen questline is broken.  The mycon are supposed to tell you, if you arrive at their 'special place', that it is not the source and then give you the coordinates of the mycon homeworld.  The lines were never recorded, and no other conversation gives you that information.  Only the homeworld can send the deep child fleet, and it's neccessary to get the fleet sent to get the sun device.  The sun device is neccessary to free the Chmmr, and that's a plot critical goal.

Worse, the response given is cryptic at best and certainly doesn't give you any indication that you're doing something wrong, so it's pretty much a brick wall.  Thus, the 'Why can't I get the mycon to go to organon?' stickie at the top of the UQM forum.

Wow, I had that same issue when I played.  Thanks for clearing that up.  Now to go finish it finally.
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Might get back to it but it desperately needs some kind of quest/message logging system so you can review whats going on.

Keep in mind it's vintage 1992, so they had to keep in mind your average computer at the time didn't have much memory. At least that's why I think it didn't have one. If it was made any later it probably would have had one. Personally I never wrote anything down, I just remembered it all. In fact even after all these years I can still remember how to win, where some of the best star systems are, locations of artifacts, all of it.
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With a game like Star Control 2? Who would not remember all the good stuff?