Author Topic: A question about the FS1-retailed version. (solved)  (Read 1032 times)

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A question about the FS1-retailed version. (solved)
About 8 years ago, I've bought all FS1, TS, FS2 game CD and played all main campaigns.
FSSCP and Mods are great! thanks. :nod:

(...I've solved this question yesterday, and I've edited this message. thank you. :) )
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Re: Question of the Hull's memory address in FS1-retailed version.
:wtf: Huh?

What exactly are you trying to do here?  If you want to mod FS1, you can do it far more easily than editing hex files.


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Re: A question about the FS1-retailed version. (solved)
Hi, Goober5000, thanks for reply. :nod:

Yesterday, I've managed to found how to solve this with other approaches, thanks.

I'm non-English OS user, and had my own problems with the retailed FS1's "ships.tbl" (from "root.vp") extracting tool mods.
The problems might be caused by the double(bytes)-alphabets problems in the VB runtimes with my OS, and the non-comaptible of reading the retailed FS1's ships.tbl file with the mod tools which are designed for the FS2 and FS2SCP.
But it's OK for me, because it's my own minor issues.  :warp:

I've tried some other methods; extracting a certain of FS1's .FSM files form root.vp with the FS2's VPview mods and editing with using the retailed FS1's FSED.exe, or using the FS1 portal mod, and so on...

Now, I've got it. thanks. :)
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