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I have fredded a feature I have no use for, but it might be interesting for people who plan on doing a SHADOW or VORLON campaign.

Every time you press a button ( Enter on numlock I think ) your fighter enters ( or leaves ) hyperspace. So far, the ship simply translates to hyper/realspace as the shadows do, it wouldn't be difficult to modify the effect and to add a jump vortex ( vorlon style )

What happens when you enter hyperspace :
- background changes to hyperspace
- the player coords are offset by 100000 or so in x direction. That way all ships seem to vanish.
- NAVMARKS appear instead. When the original ships move, the NAVMARKS in hyperspace also move, representing their coordinates in realspace.
- COORD translation works with this offset and an additional 10:1 ratio.   This means, if you dive to hyperspace, fly one km and fall back to realspace, you will have travelled 10 km in realspace.

If a navmark is in front of you and you leave hyperspace, the corresponding ship will also be in front of you and so on...

This hyperspace feature allows to take shortcuts through hyperspace and to incite surprise attacks, and of course, escaping to hyperspace is a safe way to escape any hostile situation.

This feature makes vorlon and shadow fighters ( when flown by player ) truly superior to younger races spacecraft... lol


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This sounds just like a feature that would make one campaign I've been thinking about very interesting...
One could add a short jump-in/-out cĂ­nematic and that would be it

Is there a test mission? I want to run the whitestar through this....

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there is one since Skullar send me this a while ago. It's neat.
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